11 comments on ““Atrocious” (2010) – Spanish Horror

  1. Yea, I simply hate these found footage films. The only good thing is it is fun to give them a bitter review, which I have done to a few over at Necrotic Cinema. I had read something about this film and was thinking about it but I don’t know now. I love older Spanish horror of course, the stuff from the heydays of Paul Naschy. But I doubt I am up to a shaky cam film in Spanish.

    Along with Paranormal Activity was the hard to watch Last Exorcism. These movies seem to have following though and sequels. Some people write reviews about not being ale to sleep after them. I have the same problem, but it is due to the vertigo I got from the amateurish cinematography.

    • They usually do give me such a miserable headache…. especially if I try watching them at a theater on a big screen with the theater audio pushed so loud it’s actually painful. But then lots of “Blockbuster” films with too many effects or “3-D” do that too.

      This one… I expected to dislike it for many of those reasons, but I’m thinking the sets and the creepy locale of the Hedge Maze won me over in the end. Watching the “Making of” feature and finding out that developers tore all that out and built housing over it after the film was finished was so sad to hear.

  2. I Like Blairwitch but not so much at Paranormal activity. I once written BWP vs PA and BWP totally wins. This looks cool,you gave it 4 stars and that makes me curious.

    • I think that you might like it, but it isn’t really a ghost story. There’s a murderous killer who is insane and stalking the children….. I think that when you find out who the killer really is it might make you very sad too.

      I always prefer ghosts to murderers, so for me that was a disappointment, but the locations are just so amazingly creepy and make you think that about anything could possibly be sneaking around. Those I really did enjoy seeing.

      • I think murderer is an original idea. We got the ghost witch in BWP and another ghost in PA,we got zombie in REC…so Murderer is fresh

  3. I give this film 5 thumbs down!!- The Melinda ghost doesn’t tie into the movie at all..the dad leaves the house on a mysterious business trip leaving the mother alone with the kids ‘knowing’ she’s insane. Neither of the kids say her name when they know she is the one attacking them in the woods…They both could have banned together and fought her off…so the entire story just doesn’t make sense and I highly doubt it’s real…

    • I’m thinking the kids never really got a good look at whoever was chasing them early on… it being dark and all. Cristian seemed surprised when he finally got to see the tape with all the stuff about his mother at the asylum so I don’t think he really expected it. But… now that I think about it, you have a real point about the father leaving the family alone like that since he was aware of the potential danger. That’s a real silly plot idea….

      Still… like I said, the biggest draw for me in this one had to be that gorgeously creepy local. I just loved that hedge maze!!

  4. you actually liked this movie..? and you took the time to write this review about it too? this movie was exactly what the title states.. ATROCIOUS sorry to be harsh, but geeze we must live on different planets for you to actually like this film.

    • Hahahha!! You have to remember… I watch lots and lots of truly “atrocious” Indonesian and Malay horror… as well as some of the worst films the Hindi movie industry churns out, so for me this one wasn’t actually that bad a watch.

      Bad movies…. they’re an acquired taste…. 😉

  5. The “foundation for why it needs to strike out w/ such fury”, I think (having just watched it) is laid at the time of the broken glass. We know from the brother’s last minutes that sound from the television downstairs can be heard from the kitchen. They weren’t supposed to have gone into the basement, where the video evidence of their mother’s past was kept. While all three kids stole away to watch videos in the basement (unrelated ones), the mother heard from the kitchen – dropped the glass in realization – and headed to bed. Signs of depressive disorder had been shown regarding Mom on a few previous occasions – she hangs out in her room, sleeps a lot, and distantly acknowledges that her husband has left the four of them for business.

    Seems to me that she thought her children had found out about the death of a sibling they never knew they had. Meaning her world had just been destroyed in that instant – along with just being in the house making her a bit nuts (she was haunting the maze at night, after all – and some of the day).

    For everyone dismissing the movie out of hand – try to at least have critique that fits. Julie couldn’t tell her brother who had tied her up, her tongue had been cut out. That is why she’s holding his shirt to her mouth for the whole walk home, where the blood down her front came from.

    Here’s a criticism I’d be interested in having answered – if Jose was in the fireplace burning, why didn’t anyone smell it? Should have smelled like pork, or at least smoke. No indication that it was cold enough to have a fire going – so the heat alone should have raised suspicion. Possibly this was done after Mom had lead the older siblings off into the maze – she returned to finish him off.

    The father leaving them is indeed a pretty weak plot point, as shown. He clearly is very concerned about a business matter while on his cell phone during family time – unless it was regarding a mistress (not easy being married to someone who is depressed and occasionally crazy) – the possible “business matters” as mistress angle would play into Mom completely losing it, too. She may suspect and be holding the family together just for the kids… the kids who are watching videos that may have just informed them that she’s nuts and killed their sister.

    I think the Shining homage was pretty unforgivably lame. Not enough new added – and with the hatchet (Kubrick rather than King’s Crochet Mallet) in the picture, through the door (or was it a wall?), etc. it went too far. This was a time in the film where originality was called for. Tying up a mystery by revealing a large dose of undisclosed data in the end is bad form, too. Subtle build was appreciated w/ Mom’s cues – but having blatant exposition close a plot is shoddy IMO. This isn’t a Mrs. Vorhees tells all type ending – though w/ the decapitation and mommy issues that may have been a homage as well – it was a video that is hard to justify being in the player at that time (Mom’s final true confessions to draw her son out and catch him off guard? If so – the whole “maybe they know” angle is debunked).

    I think, at the end of the day, the movie requires an interview with its writer – which should never be the case.

    Apparently Mom was found dead, too – meaning suicide (or blood loss, which seems unlikely… except there is that knife on the bed thing… maybe Julie snuck out and found Mom where she spent a lot of her time, stabbed her in the liver before being subdued?). Kind of hard to picture her killing herself in a way that really makes it seem like another person was involved – enough so to full the forensic crew.

    Anyway – I thought about it enough to find these things worth thinking of, so I don’t think the movie failed. I think it is maybe a 3 out of 5. Possibly 2.5. Ending was unsatisfactory. No police shots of dead mother (assuming that was Julie at the chopping block), but announcement of 4 dead – that seems sloppy too.

    TL/DR, lol

    • Wow… now you seem to have thought about this movie… well… a lot more than lil’ ol’ me. 😉

      This wee Catgirl can’t really dispute many of your opinions… but I never really picked up on the whole mental illness thing. For me those clues were just too subtle and I’m still just plain blown away by the father’s just having left them with here if he knew how bug shit crazy his spouse was.

      Nice to get such a detailed breakdown from you on your opinions on this one, and I hope you enjoyed your lil’ visit here at the ol’ Litterbox! Always nice to hear from another horror movie fan. 🙂

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