9 comments on ““Ghastly” (기생령) aka “Gisaeng Spirit” (2011) – Korean Ghost/ Horror

  1. It does have some very scary scenes…. The whole thing about cutting people’s feet off…. it’s just darn creepy and scary in a way I can only feel, without being able to explain exactly why.

    Combine that with some really good “dream sequences” that are just as nasty and unnerving and it only makes me more disappointed that the film fails on so many other levels. 😦

    But hey…. they can’t all be winners….

  2. The feet fixation is ugly. Ewwwww You’re darned right it’s creepy in a very weird way. I’m sorry the movie wasn’t better though. Korea has put out some pretty darned good movies in the last few years. I do appreciate your review. I’ll probably pass on this one. I would survive the feet stuff if it were good, but…. nah. 🙂

    You are so right that they can’t all be winners. It makes us appreciate the good ones more.

  3. Hey Neko – Good to know you are up and about and feeling better and of course reviewing movies. Even more so as you have actually stopped me bothering with this one. It looked and sounded a bit poor from what I was teased with and from other reviews. It hasn’t exactly been a stellar time for K-Horror recently. Hopefully someone will find that magic ingredient to revitalise it.

    • Hehehe…. I’m just surprised I managed to actually catch one before you for a change. You’ve been waaaay lucky at snagging these before lil’ ol’ me the last few months. 😉

      I definitely agree… Korean horror has significantly declined in the last year or so, much as did the Japanese horror films after their initial success in the 90’s. Thailand was on a roll for a while…. really producing some quality stuff, but even they seem to have stalled a bit lately. Who knows…. maybe it’s China’s turn to shine, if they can get the mainland censors to stop their boycott of any “supernatural elements” in film plots, of course.

  4. I have not seen this one here in China at the DVD stores yet but will look for it. I am not a huge fan of Asian ghost movies, preferring monsters and psychos myself, but ghost movies are such a part of the culture here really. It is incredible really how the young people here go gaga over them and so I try to keep up on a few here and there to see what is up. I think it may be an Asian thing and ghost movies are not as popular in the US though there have been more than a few. Many American ghost movies now are remakes of Asian ones I think. The Ring. Shutter. The Eye. I saw an Indian remake of The Eye that was, well, sort of weird. I forgot the name now.

  5. Hehehe….. “Naina”…. I’ve seen that one!

    With Urmila Matondkar as the blind girl. Almost a total remake of the original. Not bad for a Hindi film either but sooooo sooooo much a rip-off of the original.

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