11 comments on ““A Wee Stomach Bug….”

    • I am much better now… I haven’t vomited since Thursday night and the diarrhea is completely gone. I’m rather happy about that… even if I am still achy and terribly sore. I must have really did a number on my abdominal muscles, as I’m really tender there even today.

      Went to work today and it wasn’t tooo bad. Hoping it’s just an ugly memory now. 😉

  1. Oooh, rats. I hope you feel better soon. I haven’t had a stomach thing like that in about 30 years. I haven’t forgotten how horrid it is though. If you want to smile a bit, go check out our blog. We have a new member of the family. 🙂

  2. I’m definitely back to my old self… It’s been a few days since my last symptoms faded away. Luckily, Carolyn seems to have been spared this nasty bug. She took care of me at my worst and I thought for certain she’d catch it too. Thankfully nothing like that has happened.

    • Good I’m glad you’re feeling much better. It’s nice to have someone to pamper you. My compliments to Carolyn. 🙂 Now I’m off to read your latest review.

  3. I guess it too a month and a half to get over here. 😦

    I’ve just come off a week’s “worth” of stomach bug and… it’s… not.. fun. Not fun at all. Fortunately I got well enough for new year’s eve so that was alright.

    • Ouch!!

      So sorry to hear that nasty bug went looking for you too. It’s made me simply miserable for about a week when it got it’s grip on me as well. Still, I’m glad New Years was clear for you… I just hate being sick on a holiday.

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