2 comments on ““Hantu Bonceng” (2011) – Malay Ghost/ Comedy

  1. I guess you win some, you lose some. It’s always that risk when you try something sight unseen. But that anti-piracy measure you mention – it just seems bizarre? You basically cripple the DVD so as it becomes virtually unwatchable? That is called cutting of your nose to spite yourself surely? Although, when I did by some “street vendor” DVD’s of American films in Thailand, they went one better – they put the films together in a random order – all the DVD scene markers were mixed up – sort of like watching Memento on random play rather than backwards. Every single one was like this – luckily it was an outlay of about $5, but just struck me as harder to do than to copy the film properly?

    • Hmmmm? Never saw a disc messed up like that. Thank goodness….

      The other Malay disc I saw like this one was by the same distributor, Dallas Entertainment. It was for the film “Flat 3A”…. which was a good film, but unfortunately was nearly unwatchable as the blurring was even more severe than on this disc. Going to have to avoid these guys in the future. 😦

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