6 comments on ““No-Do” (2009) aka “The Beckoning” aka “The Haunting” – Spanish Ghost/ Horror

    • Nice to have you drop by… and I hope you enjoy what you find.

      Be warned…. this lil Catgirl’s tastes in film tend to be somewhat odd though…. Hehehehe!! 😉

  1. We saw that one earlier this year. I found it because I was looking up Ana Torrent after she was in “Tesis”, which I enjoyed. I enjoyed the movie, but I agree with your rating. 🙂

  2. It was an OK film… and lately it seems I’m watching a lot of Spanish stuff. Just got through one called “Los Ojos De Julia” but in the UK region 2 they translated that as “Julia’s Eyes”. Less of a horror film than a suspense thriller, it was still pretty darn good and I’m thinking you’d like that one too if you haven’t already seen it.

    I believe it’s out here in the US now as well, so probably Netflix will have it.

  3. I haven’t seen you giue 5meows on a movie since I stumble on your horror lovin blog 😉

    This sounds interesting, I will note it down and see if I can find it. I couldn’t find CAT, the korean horror, last week, but I did find the orphanage yaay.

    • Hmmmm? 5 Meows would be for a film that managed the illusive quality of perfection in all things and makes you want to watch it over and over. Rare thing that… and even when a film might be that good, often the DVD itself lets you down in the way it’s handled or produced.

      But someday… I hope I’ll find one that good.:)

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