7 comments on ““The Cat” (2011) -Korean Ghost/ Horror

  1. Hey Neko – thanks again for the plug, one day we really must let you see a film before me so I can return the favour 😉 Seems like we are of a like mind on this one, it is polished and professional enough to make it a fairly decent film, but such a let down on so many levels at the same time. Three meows seems a bit gentle on it, but it is so hard to rate films, which is why I try not to assign a grade other than variations on Recommended 😉

    Thinking back on it – you are so right about the lack of chemistry between our heroine and her feline companion – but maybe some of this is down to the difficulties of Cat Wrangling – they really are individualistic little animals, and I am not sure they ever really are able to “act”. But it did look like she was holding it far too tightly and at arms length.

    Did you get to see “White” as well?

  2. I wondered at first if the way the cat reacted to her was intentional… part of the story or something… but no, it’s just that our feline friend didn’t take to her at all. There are some people that are just like that… and often it’s not really their fault but cats are very… very… finicky and particular about who they like and not subtle at all with people they don’t take to. She’s just one of those people. (It brings to mind the reaction of the “pod people” to regular humans in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”…. except that cats often hiss rather than point at you and make alien sounds… Hehehehe!!)

    I gave this one 3 out of 5 because… while not the best film in the world…. it did have all that very professional work done on it. Compared to some of the grade Z films I’ll watch now and again that makes this one look downright respectable by comparison…..

    Yep… watched “White” the same evening as “The Cat”, but haven’t gotten the chance to distill it down mentally for a review…..

  3. Although you only gave 3 meow and the ending is a bit disappointed…but I am intrigued. The trailer is really promising. I hope I can find it here

    • I think that you would like it… it is a nice ghost story, even if it isn’t particularly original. The little girl’s spirit having melded with the spirits of the dead cats is a neat idea too… and very much like the way it is portrayed in all the old Japanese films about ghost cats.

      Korean films are always so professional looking, with good effects and acting too, so I gave it a slightly higher rating just on the strength of that even if it wasn’t very original or truly scary.

  4. I saw it this morning here in Manila. Not bad, as Korean horror movies go but I can’t help but think that if this was a Japanese horror movie, it would be shown at night rather than before lunchtime.

  5. I’m watching the movie now and I’m really amazed by how they got the animals to “act” so well. But I’m just at the part where the shelter put the cat to sleep, and it looked so real! I was pretty disturbed by this ’cause I’m a cat lover and owner myself. I was wondering if you have any idea if animals were actually harmed when making this film.

    • Nope… no kitties were hurt in the filming. 🙂

      Although the animal activity looked pretty realistic, the Korean film industry maintains the same standards for animal activity as they do here in the US or Europe.

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