2 comments on ““La Sombra Prohibida” (2011) – Spanish Horror

  1. Hey cat girl. Long time no say hi. Glad to you have been keeping busy here. I don’t know if I ever sent you my new links to my Blogger sites. They are:



    Both are malware free. My new UCafe site has taken off pretty good but I still neglect my NC site. Seems one blog is enough. I had doubts about going from a hosted site to a free site and have no regrets now and really like the new Blogger and what they have done there.

    You have quite a few posts and I am going to check them out over a fresh cup of coffee. Hope you add me here and stop in and say hi once in a while. Will be trying to get NC going again with modern horror and sci-fi movies and assorted useless musings in general.

    Keep up the great work here.


    • So pleased to see you back at it again Bill!

      I’m glad to see you were able to shake off the doldrums and beat down those nasty hackers. Yay!! I appreciate the new links and I’ll update my Blogroll sometime today… 😉

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