7 comments on ““Space Battleship Yamato” (2010) – Japanese SciFi/ Action

  1. Hey
    Seems you had a similar experience to me, although you had the advantage of knowing the anime. I too thought that there was enough for two films here (in fact I just wonder if a TV series would not have been better).

    And thanks for the plug 🙂

  2. Yes… it would have made a great live action TV series. I wonder why the Japanese never considered that, given the number of other Anime that made such a transition to TV there.

    In that format, the ability to tell a sweeping “epic” story would have probably let “Yamato” make our recent “Battlestar Galactica” re-boot look downright silly by comparison. Ah well…. missed opportunity I guess.

    Oooohhh…. and no problem about sending some people your way, we “movie fanatics” gotta look out for each other!! 😉

  3. Wow….thank you for sharing this.If I knew about this sooner,I would have searched for it 2 days ago. I bought some DVD 2 days ago,as you know I will alone for few months so I need more things to watch. Honestly, movies about sacrifices are always great when they come from Europe or Asia, Hollywood movies are less convincing.

    Kimutaku looks great there.

    • I know what you mean. 🙂

      Even though I live here in the US, I rarely watch new movies made here (unless Carolyn wants to go see them) and it feels strange to me to watch a movie without subtitles.

      But I do like older movies… especially the ones I saw as a child on TV… unfortunately they are not shown very often on TV anymore. 😦

      I am glad you liked the review… and I hope you can see this one. Soon I will review “13 Assassins”, also from Japan, which I hope I will like as much as old movies like “7 Samurai” and “Yojimbo”.

      • I so wanted to see 13 assasins…but I haven’t found it yet 😦
        I bought Hanjiro that day, it is also a samurai movie.will find the perfect time to see it later.
        With so many remakes in Hollywood movies,I beginning to falter from their movies,just like you I am beginning to rarely watch Hollywood movies. I still watch them but not as often as I used to

  4. I’m on the fence about seeing this one… my son would enjoy it. He sat through the Godzilla remake without complaint. Erm, plus Goro’s my favourite SMAP. May be some sort of bias going, there. He has that kewpie doll look. KT’s Gatsby adverts are hilarious, though. 😛

    Your reviews are great! (Really enjoyed High School of The Dead, The Neighbour Zombie, and numerous others.) TN is not the most progressive state, and I wouldn’t have heard of many of the titles that now line my shelves, otherwise.

  5. Hi Beezus… so nice to have you chime in here at the ol’ “Litterbox”… 😉

    This one definitely has the Anime fan in mind for a target audience, and if your son likes most of the action oriented Japanese stuff then I’d think he’d like this one.

    Glad you are enjoying the reviews… luckily for me the Internet is the biggest “Video Store” I could ever want to shop in. Getting the DVD’s is easy… but actually finding them… now that can take work. You have to be one part film fan and two parts gumshoe and world traveler all rolled into one. But, it’s fun….

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