17 comments on ““Troll Hunter” aka “Trolljegeren” (2010) – Norwegian Fantasy

  1. So glad I was timely with my review…. but you can actually thank Carolyn for that. Sweetheart that she is, she spotted this one at our local Walmart and picked it up for me while grabbing us some groceries and stuff on Monday. She was so excited when I told her I didn’t already have it, that we just had to watch it together that night.

    …… Awwww!!! I just knew I’d make a monster movie fan out of her sooner or later. 😉

  2. I’ve seen regular movies from Norway, and thought them to be wacky. So this movie about Trolls must be even wackier. 😉

    • There are so many definitely goofy bits… especially the whole idea that Trolls can smell a Christian from miles away and always show up to try to eat them…. I wish they’d have explained that a bit better, or treated it more “tongue-in-cheek” so it would have been funnier…. maybe it is in Norwegian. 😉

  3. Wow!! that is one weird movie!!
    I am not sure I want to spend my time watching it. Thank you for telling me about this (read: warning me!).

    Btw,I am too lazy to sign out from my turtle’s account.

    • You and your Turtles are welcome anytime, Novia!! 😉

      I’m thinking Kame & Kroten might like the last Japanese Gamera movie, “Gamera The Brave” so much better…. I loved the whole way they had Gamera start out as a cute lil’ pet turtle before growing big and fighting the other giant monster. So darn cute…. Have you… and them… seen that one? I know you like Japanese stuff, so I betting you have.

      • I don’t like dubbed movies either…. I always find them distracting when the words don’t match the movement of the actor’s mouth or worse the voice is just plain “wrong” for that person. I was lucky to see the “Gamera the Brave” in Japanese on the Hong Kong release of the DVD. If you are lucky, maybe you can find that version where you are, I think you would like it. Or… since you understand Japanese so well, you could see the original…. but Japanese DVD’s are soooo expensive I never usually buy them.

        I like your story! It has much of the feeling of the old “Gamera” movies…. He was never an evil monster either, just misunderstood. You have a good feeling to capture that in your story too. I’m going to have to take a peek at more of your writing. 🙂

  4. Hey Neko! Just posted my review of this over in my little corner of the Internet. I actually thought this was super, which was totally unexpected. I was a bit tired of the format, but this one I felt did not fall prey to the shaky camera running around a dark wood/room.

    What I find interesting, is that I actually found the film highly humourous, so maybe its a European vs US thing? I’m still giggling now at “troll stink”, and the genius of Hans not considering how a Troll might react to a Muslim.

    But what makes us different is sometimes what makes life worth it sometimes. 🙂

    • It’s amazing how our movie choices lately keep circling so closely… I’m going to watch “Space Battleship Yamato” tonight, and as I’ve a day off tomorrow, you’ll probably get my review later in the afternoon…

      ….(Pssst! Does this “synchronicity” mean you’ll be watching “13 Assassins” any time soon?… That’s next on my list….)

    • It would have to go some to beat the blood geysering style of the 70’s Samurai chambara I remember, but then they were almost the equivalent of the “Spaghetti Westerns” of the same period in terms of over-the-top violence.

      I’m sort of expecting more of a “Seven Samurai” vibe from this one.

  5. If I said “13 Assassins” was actually on my too-watch list, would we have entered some kind of Donnie Darko-esque broken universe? It honestly is, but it is a way down the pile. Review-wise I have a half written on for a Japanese “pure love” movie that I am very fond of, but struggling to get my feelings in it, and also wavering over whether to do it as a video review. The next film on the watch list I think will be “Wu Xia” (or Swordsman or Dragon in your neck of the woods) – taken me ages to get a decent copy with workable subs – Peter Chan directing Donnie Yen and Takeshi Kaneshiro really can’t fail!!

    • My list got really… really… long these last few months. Too many DVD’s came out just when all my free time dried up. I try to keep up, but don’t be surprised if some of the films I start writing about have been out a while….

      (My storeroom has two big boxes of currently unwatched stuff…. and more interesting ones just keep coming out.. My goodness… What’s a girl to do?) 🙂

  6. Well we finally got around to watching it, except the DVD gave up the ghost in the last 15 minutes or so. Naturally we reported it and are waiting for the replacement because I am definitely wanting to watch the extras. Not to mention the end. This has a number of laugh out loud moments as it turns out… I almost typed OMG but don’t think it’s safe in this case 😉

    • It was a fun… and odd… little film and easily worth a look now that it’s available here.

      Sorry to hear you got a bum disc…. that really hurts and I can certainly sympathize, especially when I get one of those from some weird far off country and just can’t get it replaced without having to send the original back.

      • Well, a few disks later and we still haven’t seen the end of the movie. The story is worthy of a blog post, so I won’t say more right now. 🙂

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