8 comments on ““Rain, Rain, Go Away…..”

  1. It sounded fun even if it was only for a short time. Though when things got tough I might have stayed in Vermont and found myself a good hotel with a hot tub. Kudos on your super powers of observation. Fire salamanders are cool to look at.

    • Hehehe… the hotel and hot tub sound good (I sorta wish we’d thought of it at the time…), and I know Carolyn would be loving that right about now… her legs are soooo darn sore now that a couple days have passed. I’m thinking a trip to the local health club and their sauna might just be the ticket for this evening.

      Yep… love the salamanders! Saw them on my first excursion to the mountain and spent quite a bit of time trying to find some this time out to show off…. Finally did, but it took a bit of time.

    • I’ve been reading the reports and seeing the video and I’m soooo darn glad we left when we did. Many of the very roads we traveled over were badly damaged by the storm and seeing it all really freaked Carolyn out.

      I told her that someone or something…. God, the “Movie Fairies”, the Forest Spirits, whatever…. likes us after-all and is watching out for our lil’ butts. 🙂

  2. Reading your ‘adventure’ makes me miss my camping and hiking days. Haven’t done that again after college graduation 😦

    So much fun no matter how tired. By the way, who’s Carolyn? I guess I should read more posts to know her

    • I was quite the “woodland girl”, way back in high school and college, but once I started working full time I just couldn’t seem to find the time for it as much as I wanted and so I kind of drifted away from it. It was fun “re-awakening” those old memories for the weekend….. I definitely miss my camping and hiking.

      Carolyn is my roommate for the last couple of years… my best and oldest friend since my college days. A couple of years ago that unexpectedly grew into something more serious and she became my lover too…

      I know that’s not the sort of thing that considered acceptable in most of Indonesia where you are, but you seem very accepting of new ideas and cultures, so I hope you’ll still want to share your thoughts and ideas here with me, but if it bothers you, I do understand. Even here in America, it’s not the easiest thing for people to understand.

      (But I’m crossing my’ lil’ fingers and hoping you do want to keep dropping by!!!)

  3. I envy your ability to find time to do camping and hiking. I wish I could do the same too.

    Hahaha…don’t worry Nekochan 🙂
    I have a good twitter/fb friend who also loves woman, tho she is more like a bi because sometimes she likes boys too.
    My religion prohibited that and that’s why I will never be ‘in love’ with a woman BUT what I believe and what other people believe is not the same and I appreciate that a lot. For me, kindness is more important than differences we have.

    • I’m so happy you are so open minded… 🙂

      I have been reading more of your Blogs and I had hoped someone who loves her Turtles as much as you, would understand and accept me.Terima kasih!

      I am happy to have met such a friend.

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