11 comments on ““Toilet 105” (2010) – Indonesian Ghost/ Horror

  1. Oh my gosh! This movie is perfect to give me the heeby geebies. As a little girl I was always picturing a monster hand coming out of the toilette at me. So even if it has only 2 meows, you can imagine that when I watch this, I’ll be hiding under the blankies. hahah

    ok, ok Im an adult now so I have left blankies behind. Now I have a different method for being brave. In the form of a small stuffed tiger, named story-time kitty. I drape him over my head while snuggling with my sweety and thus, Im protected from ghosties. HAHA I can’t believe I just told you that, but something tells me.. you will understand. LoL

    I hope I can find this movie.

    • Indonesian DVD’s are fun, usually subtitled into English, but not as easy to find here in the US as they used to be. My one good source, esindo, (Where I actually bought this one…) recently closed up shop and since then I’ve been trying to find a reliable substitute source for these. I suspect that might turn out to be eBay or a direct source right out of Indonesia itself.

      Hehehe…. I like the idea of “story time kitty” and I most certainly do understand. My lil’ Burmese kitty, Ting-ting, has filled that role for Carolyn and I, snuggling in for some petting and play while we all cuddle on the couch to watch these. Mmmmmm…. now that’s my idea of a nice evening in…..

  2. Ow my God…you actually watched this crap? hehe well Neko, I am an Indonesian and I don’t even watch this movie.

    I don’t watch most Indonesia horror as they often SO predictable and semi-porn. I love other Asian horror…but not my own country’s horror.

    There is one that I really like, called Jelangkung…other than that meh.

    Lucky I blog hop to your blog, fun to meet another horror freak 🙂

    • Thanks for dropping by, Novroz…. I’m so sorry it’s taken a couple of days to reply, but I’ve been away for the weekend on vacation. But finding your comments is a nice surprise to come home to.

      For me… these films, even as bad as they are at times, have an exotic appeal because they are so unlike the films made here in the US. Also. for me they have always been one of the best ways to get a feel for another country or culture. It’s nice to actually hear from someone from Indonesia and get their opinions on them…. (even if they are soooo bad…… 😉 )

      “Jelengkung”…. I’ve seen that one too! It was good, if I remember it right. That’s the one where they go to the forest and the forest spirits trap them in that deserted village until they escape and find all the people in Jakarta missing at the very end? I remember that I liked it a lot… but I don’t think I ever got around to writing a proper review here for it.

      I hope you’ll drop by again, and let me know what you think of some of the other films from Thailand, Malaysia, India, and the rest of Asia that I watch… I would be really interested to get your perspective on them!

  3. I haven’t written proper review for Jelangkung too. I have to warn you not too think that what you’ve seen in Indo-horror represent our culture 😉 they are always make things exagerate.
    If you want good Indo-horror, try finding ones with our famous Lady-horror, Suzana…her movies were really scary. But her movies were made in 70s and 80s, probably difficult to find.

    I haven’t been seeing many horror lately, the last one I saw and reviewed are REC and Dark Water.

    I have never seen Indian horror before.

    • I understand what you mean about the exaggeration… but I think all cultures do that in their movies, you just to watch quite a few to start getting a “feel” for the little truths behind all the fiction. I have seen some of Suzana’s films…. “Queen of Black Magic” and “Hungry Snake Woman” as well as her last film “Hantu Ambulance”……but many are indeed hard for me to find (and almost always without subtitles….). I was very sad to hear of her passing. 😦

      Indian horror movies…. now those can be strange. I don’t know too many people outside of India that like them very much, as they are usually extremely long as well as filled with a lot of strange things that seem out of place in a horror film. They are definitely an acquired taste….. 😉

  4. I was out of luck. My movie club didn’t have it and Ebay didnt either. Oh well, perhaps I’ll find it some day in my travels. My mom would say I don’t need junk food anyway. heheh Your reason for liking thes kinds of movies is the same as mine. They offer novelty.

    Enjoy your dry socks and warm house! 😉

    • Hmmmm? I’ll keep my eyes open for a source for this one….. if you really want to see it (Dear God pity you!!) 🙂

      Yep…. we’re home again, and yes, the warm comfy apartment is soooo darn comfy after our trip. I always enjoy my camping trips, but I also love the way it makes me appreciate modern conveniences… like toasty warm showers.

  5. Want Indonesia horror movies? Just ask one of your Indonesian friends. They’ll probably will get you A LOT. Thought most will probably say they buy the pirated ones (since those are cheapest,about 7thousand rupiahs for 1disc,not even 1dollar I think). Those probably are bad for your dvd player’s continue health. 😊😊 Some even sold a compilation of movies (basically several movies in 1disc, which I really don’t recommend since those usually without translation). Oh,well. I just got sick of Indonesian horror movies these years,since a lot of it had vulgarity or bits of porn.

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