4 comments on ““Me, Myself, & I?”

  1. Hi princess, I like your whimsy. its what will keep you young when all the old futty duddies are grouching around with their walkers. I get this a lot from people who don’t quite ‘get’ me. They think happy and fun means silly and dumb. But it doesnt.
    meow, meow

    • The people I’m closest to always seem to say things like I’m “playful”, “fun to be with”, or that I “brighten their day”…. I’ve always chalked it up to my desire to enjoy Life and spread the fun. I never understood why “growing up” always seem to equate to losing that simple ability to just have fun….

      ….Of course it also could just be part of the make-up of manic lil’ me and my seemingly endless nervous energy. You never know…. 😉

  2. I think we all struggle with who and what we are in this world. It is all part of the human condition. What I find interesting about what you are saying though is that you seem to define yourself by how you see yourself different to the norm. You know the whole “I don’t act my age”, “I’m a lesbian who doesn’t like other girls”, “I’m Japanese but American but Japanese”, etc etc. No criticism indended, was maybe an interesting insight to how your mind works I guess.

    My problem is always about how I think I probably am the norm. Being bought up as a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant in England means I have always felt I have just blended chameleon-like into the crowd…

    • I think my basic problem is that I do tend to think too much… I’ve always felt a bit “different” and was disappointed that I always never quite seemed to fit in with people easily.

      Every now and again this kind of “identity crisis” grips me… and I’m melancholy and blue until I can shake it and move along…. part and parcel of just being me I guess.

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