4 comments on ““A Chinese Ghost Story” (2011) – Chinese Ghost/ Romance/ Fantasy

  1. Hey Neko. Yup, looks like you were are disappointed as me – the plot changes, the fundamental removal of Ning, etc etc all hurt this film. Did it need a remake? Probably no film REALLY does, unless someone wants to hang a different reading onto it. But in this case, it’s all polish and no heart. A great shame.

  2. Yes… that’s exactly the problem. It’s a very pretty… very polished film, with no real sense of the poignant romance of the original movie.

    Still…. it’s been a while since they did one of these (If you don’t count the “Painted Skin” remake….) and I’m a softy for these melodramatic tear-jerkers, so it was at least worth a look for me. 😉

    • I suppose it’s fair to view it that way, and I’m always up for any chance to see new Wuxia romance films, but I’m thinking I’ll always see this one as a pale imitation of the original.

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