8 comments on “Neko Is Melting!!

  1. Hi – I do hope you get more out of the remake of CGS than I did. I will be VERY interested in your opinion! Because for me – it was flat and unneccesary.

    • I read your review, and it worried me a bit…. I’m hoping that it’ll be a better experience for me.

      Much of my thoughts are, that as a remake…. and almost any remake of a popular classic is cursed to usually pale by comparison… I’m hoping it will at least stay true to the overall spirit of the original that made me so fond of it even after all these years. Keeping my fingers crossed.

      I’m such a ridiculously soft-hearted romantic lil’ dweeb and if there ever was an audience for films like this it’s probably me…. Hehehehe!!

  2. I do hope you get to go camping. I spent the first half of my life camping and backpacking. I hiked to Thousand Island Lake in the Sierra when I was 4yrs old. 🙂 I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you and Carolyn.

    The bandage may officially be off, but you might consider keeping the wound covered when you wear pants. It would cut down on the chafing.

    I’m sorry it’s been so darned hot. I wish I could send all my friends some of our San Francisco summer weather (cold and foggy).

    • Things are looking good… we’re pretty certain our schedules are actually going to mesh together and let it happen. We’re trying to see if maybe some other folks might want to come along and make it a group thing…. 🙂

      That first week was nasty for that bite…. keeping it covered while in the kitchen just kept it so moist with perspiration that it never wanted to heal. After the first day it was all red and nasty so I had to clean it up and then switch to my loosest herringbone trousers and that finally let it dry out enough to scab over and start healing right. I know…. sounds as nasty as it was. 😛

      But now, a couple of weeks later, it’s fairly well healed… although I’m thinking it’ll probably leave a lil’ scar….

  3. Hope things cool off a bit for you Neko 😦

    I just want to say thank you for the hard work, persistence and bringing something very special and unique to DV.


    • It is a bit more seasonal this week… hopefully that’ll last till we get our last spasm of “Indian Summer”.

      I’m so glad you dropped by… I was so nostalgically melancholy when I dropped by for one last look at DV this afternoon after work only to get the “Site Not Found” error. I enjoyed my time at DV immensely over the years and wouldn’t trade those memories for anything….. 🙂

      Hope to see you again… drop by anytime, there will always be a big kitty hug just for you!!

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