4 comments on ““Red Riding Hood” (2011) – American Action/ Fantasy

  1. That’s a shame I actually quite liked the sound of this. And the first half of your rundown actually made it sound like a strange hybrid of the ultra disturbing Witchfinder General and all sorts of classic Hammer horror with my favourite twisted fairytale bent.

    It seems impossible to get these things right lately, Terry Gilliam made an utter mess of the Brother’s Grimm and I really haven’t seen anything in the messed up fairy tale genre up to snuff since Pan’s Labyrinth.

  2. It definitely had the potential to go there…. I get the feeling that might have been the idea originally, but that the lure of all that extra ticket money burning a hole in the pockets of the teen audience for “Twilight” may have convinced them to go “Goth Lite” for this one….

    Still… while looking for this one, I did come across… of all things…. a reference to a Singapore film from a few years back inspired by the Red Riding Hood fairytale…..

    • It did indeed have more of the “angst-y teen drama” than I usually like to see outside of TV.

      It’s unfortunate that many films forget that other people watch movies beyond that demographic group.

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