7 comments on “Catgirl Versus Raccoon!!

  1. I just found you from the forums. Egads girl!! Who ever heard of this kind of thing happening to anyone? You must have had one heck of a bad night. 🙂 I feel for you.

    • It was pretty scary… but it’s looking like I’ll live. 🙂

      Luckily for me they tell me the lil’ bugger probably isn’t rabid or anything like that, it was just really surprised and felt threatened. (Not half as threatened as I felt, mind you…..) Two things probably conspired to make it all happen…. me and my silly habit of moving around super quietly in “sneak mode” all the time, combined with my natural instinct towards fight rather than flight.

      Funny thing is, I wasn’t even originally supposed to be at work Monday night, but I got called in to cover for someone who called in sick for the dinner shift. That’ll teach me to be all considerate of my co-workers…. It’s OK…but I’m thinking I’ll delegate the “trash detail” to one of my other kitchen help next time out…… just to be safe. 😉

  2. heheh, Im a sneak mode person myself. Humans always get scared by it. They say I look like a tiger on the prowl. (?) They dont mean it as a compliment, but I take it that way anyway. LoL

  3. The banner I put up on our site includes, from left to right: three feral cats, a raccoon and a skunk.
    I took the picture one night next to a building in the area I work and remember thinking there’s gotta be a Disney movie in the works…
    Some of the raccoons are big as medium sized dogs and the possums are fairly big as well…

  4. I was wondering what that picture was…. It had a creepy “UFO” look to it and I thought it might have been a picture of the night sky at first.

    The guy who jumped me was a big sized ‘coon… maybe 25 lbs or so. They tend to get big up around my neck of the woods as there’s lots of food available for them to scrounge. I’m just glad it wasn’t a female with little ones tagging along for a bit of “take-out” dumpster diving fun… they can be really mean if they think you want to hurt one of their babies.

  5. Wouldn’t you know that we just watched “Rabid” the other night. Jeeze. I’m glad you survived relatively unscathed. As he mentioned above, Lastech comes across a lot of wildlife at work. 🙂 I hope you don’t have any more close encounters of that type.

  6. Hehehe…. and for some more unintentional co-incidence, I had just ordered an Israeli horror DVD last Friday for the film “Kalevet” aka “Rabid”….

    Outside of my leg itching like heck, I’m pretty lucky. Sam and the people at work have been picking on me something terrible since the event. I arrived at work just yesterday to find a coonskin cap hanging on the peg where my kitchen whites are hung in my cubbyhole of an “office”.

    Little did they know I’ve always wanted one of those since I was a wee lil’ girl who’s mom would never let her daughter go around dressed like Davy Crockett…..

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