3 comments on ““Prey” aka “Proie” (2010) – French Killer Pig Horror

  1. Ah, it’s nice to see this review. I’m not sure we’ll bring this one in. I do hope you get all your blog bugs worked out though. 🙂

  2. NIce one – always gotta love a killer pig movie. Razorback of course is the standard that they all must be judged against. I really loved the Korean Chaw, but more for the black comedy and the clever way it often didn’t do the shocks you expected (and lets face it, it was riffing on Jaws).

    Couple of things though – firstly, the whole killer pig thing is not as silly as it sounds at first. Real big tuskers really do exist, and you are probably far more likely to be gored by one of them than you would be eaten by a great white shark. It’s more that they don’t stand high up in the common phobias of the animal world (and they are tasty!).

    Second, there is a lot of France which is Boondocks. France is crazily underpopulated outside of the big cities, in fact it is the only country that I know of that actually has a negative population growth (doesn’t help they are so immigrant unfriendly too). I went to some godforsaken village there for two weeks a few years ago, and I swear I only saw two other people the whole time.

  3. I’ve seen some crazy pictures of “feral killer pigs” here in the US, and they certainly do sound formidable… I suppose it’s just that being eaten by a pig sounds somehow less “cool” than being devoured by a mountain lion or a bear….. (If that makes any sort of sense…. Hehehehe!!)

    Everybody tells me Europe is filled with “wild spaces”, but somehow I’ve always had that odd and probably very sheltered American notion that most of that is exaggerated…. now Eastern Europe and the former Soviet bloc countries… they always sound so “undeveloped” to lil’ ol’ me… I never have trouble believing they have places where mutants, cannibal hillbillies, or all sorts of forgotten stuff still lurking about.

    “Killer boars” in Romania? Yep…. I’d buy that in a heartbeat. 😉

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