12 comments on “New “Home Sweet Home”

  1. As you can see, Lastech and I have followed you. 🙂 I’ll go change the link in our blog right now, so I don’t forget. I like the new digs too.

  2. Nice to see you guys drop by! As you can see, I’m settling in….

    No word yet from WordPress on my wee problem with the Media Library… but currently all my images are still linked back to Delirium Vault so they’ll be visible without disruption should the current Media need to be wiped clean and re-set.

    Ended up watching the French killer piggy film “Prey” so I’ll be doing my next review on that (hopefully by Thursday if the Fairies still love lil’ ol me….)

  3. Cats are curious by nature so you of all night creatures ought to understand a curious mind… so who is Carolyn??? I’ve been reading up on old reviews and she’s mentioned frequently. LOL.

    • @Van!! So pleased to see you drop by! Glad you like the look of things…. they’re a little rough yet, but coming along.

      @Jack… I almost didn’t recognize you at first! Glad to see you found your way by. This Gravitar thingee is new here at my “Litterbox 2.0” and I’m still getting used to the way old familiar faces look when they pop in now.

      Carolyn is my roomie for the last couple of years… my best and oldest friend and the sweet person who’s proven time and again she’s the love of my life by putting up with this goofy Catgirl despite my somewhat “eccentric” and mercurial moods. Not exactly the film fan I am, she’s learned to enjoy my definitely low brow idea of film fare over the years (although she’d never… ever… admit it….) She gets mentioned more in my Diary entries than my reviews, but as out lives have become more and more closely entangled she’s crept more and more into most things here at the ol’ Litterbox. “Life” has a way of doing that I guess…..

      As is evident…. there’s no new review yet. It’s been 4 days (and 2 separate support requests) and I still haven’t heard back on my “multiple media file” problem. I’m holding off from adding too much new content in case the solution turns out to be a need to flush everything and re-import from “Litterbox 1.0” at Delirium vault. If I haven’t heard back by the end of today (Fri) I’ll try one more e-mail and then basically wing it and manually start to delete the thousands of duplicates myself on Monday. Sigh…..

  4. Boy, am I red faced now! I’ve been back-reading your reviews but have somehow missed your diary pages!!! And that isn’t even like me at all as I usually make an effort to find out about who a writer is and their background (in order to better understand where they’re coming from in regards to their reviews). Well, it certainly sounds like you’ve shot the, eh, chicken (or how that term goes, I forget. LOL).

  5. PS: about this avatar and your comment about almost not recognising me: I was surprised to see this old avatar too as I haven’t used it to log in anywhere in couple of years. LOL.

  6. Hehehe…. I admit I was a bit leery at first…. and almost thought someone had “appropriated” your e-mail address and blog URL in an attempt to get a comment past the moderation approval. Paranoid lil’ me even tried to trace it back through Gravitar’s site. I’m one cautious lil’ kitten…..

    But when I saw you’d subscribed to the comment I just knew it had to be you….

    If you want a good idea of my oddest quirks then you’ll want to read “5 Things You’ve Never Known About Neko”….. where I dish on just how goofy I really am in “real life”.

  7. LOL, that’s quite alright. I’m paranoid too. And after having read thru your “5 things” it seems we’re quite alike (in addition to our shared love of weird Asian cinema). LMAO. I can’t swim either (And my dad can’t swim either – my mum used to say to him: “You are a sailor, what if the boat goes down???”). Oh, I don’t have a driver licence either. xD

  8. Nice to know I’m not the only one with a few “oddities”….

    I often wonder how Carolyn puts up with me at times…. She’s such a totally “together” person… very confident and easy around people, whereas I’m much more reserved and quiet around most strangers until I get comfortable with them. She’s very logical, adaptable and thinks things through before making any decision where I’m very instinctive and make decisions quickly based on the “feel” of the situation and once I’ve made a move, I rarely change my mind. Luckily my “inner kitten” tends to make the right choices more often than not, thank goodness…..

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