2 comments on “Oops!! Who Turned Out The Lights?

  1. Well heck. That explains a few things. 🙂 I’m glad to see you back. FYI, there’s a new date for the Rapture. What’s-his-name said that it’s now set for October 21st. I kid you not. In the meantime, I’ll be waiting for your next review.

    • You mean I’m gonna miss next Halloween? Unthinkable…… 🙂

      Yep…. our resident Tech guru and all-around Hero tells us our “Apache” thingee crashed…. Lil’ ol’ me has visions of a scenario in which naughty terrorists with shoulder mounted Stinger missiles or those nifty soviet era RPG’s were mercilessly pounding away at our server right out of the movie “Red Dawn”, but I’m certain it’s far less dramatic (and far less cool….) than that. Sigh….. It’s never as cool as you imagine…..

      Anyway, yes, I know… I missed finishing my latest review in a timely manner, but that’s due to yet another mini-crisis at work that reared it’s head later that day last week. I should have the new Review ready on Monday the 6th…. (But only ’cause this weary lil’ lady is taking that whole darn day off before I just plain collapse….)

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