2 comments on “"The Intruder" aka "Kheaw Aa-Kaard" (เขี้ยว อาฆาต) (2010) – Thai Horror

  1. Given your cardinal rule, does that mean you didn’t like the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre movie? I had a tough time rooting for any of those characters.

    • The original one from back in the 70’s? I remember being shocked by the imagery, even though I never saw it when it first came out but instead later on in college at one of the campus “midnight movie nights”. As I remember though… it wasn’t one I really liked a whole lot. I’m thinking you might be right about the characters being basically unlikable. Well… that and my general squeamish feelings about the more realistically violent films as opposed to the crazy fantasy violence of more supernaturally based ones. One of my lil’ quirks…..

      As one of the early “super gory” shocker films that got that genre going though, it does deserve some respect for basically defining the ideas most later films emulated to death. Ahhhh… and the chainsaws. After all, where would “Evil Dead” be without the chainsaws that came before……

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