5 comments on ““Hasta El Viento Tiene Miedo” (1968) -Mexican Ghost/ Horror

  1. Do you know where that subtitled VHS was released? In the US or maybe somewhere else? I’ve been googling for half an hour now and I can’t find any mention of a tape. Was it released under an alternative title (possibly an English language title maybe?)?? Do you know?

    • Hi again Jack J! Sorry. I’m afraid I haven’t a clue… 😦

      I’m only aware of the VHS release thanks to the subtitle I located in a subtitle archive. As part of the .srt file name was the info that it came from a VHS copy of the the film. Given that television broadcasts wouldn’t have been subtitled unless a reel copy of the film was… and I can’t find reference to that either, I’m assuming it’s from a standard VHS release. I’ll keep looking around though, and see what info I can dig up on this, as I’ve definitely decided to look for more of director Carlos Enrique Taboada’s works. He’s got an interesting eye and a talent for these sorts of films.

  2. You mention a possible TV broadcast and I guess that could be where it came from (and that the VHS was a bootleg thereof). In contradiction to the US other English countries like the UK and not least Australia have had a long tradition of broadcasting foreign language films with subs. When I lived in Melbourne in the 90s there was an entire national TV channel devoted to what they called “ethnic TV”. Maybe they showed it. Anyway, I’ll get a copy at some stage I’m sure. Thanks, Nekoneko!

  3. Saw this at the Fox Pomona Ca. about 1970,. Fox showed new old and Spanish films at that time.
    Watched it again last night and really liked it. For years my memory of it was me a 14 year old watching Kitty do her strip tease act and sad when it ended:.) by a ghost.. I agree they made them better then. Today its all propaganda ,sex ,violence and CGI

    • Sigh… Yes, I do agree, many of the more recent films out there have traded the charm and craft of those older films for the interchangably polished look that new CGI can give. Many forget it’s the story that matters.

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