8 comments on “"Hasta El Viento Tiene Miedo" (2007) -Mexican Ghost/ Horror

  1. Bummer. I was hoping you had found a good one. I’ve been enjoying films from Argentina and whatnot. Spain has been putting out some good ghost stories too. Too bad that this one didn’t wasn’t better. I’ll take your word for it and skip it.

    Tonight we’re watching “Evil Aliens”. LOL We’ll see how that one is.

    • Yep… Lately I’ve made an effort to search out some Spanish language stuff as a change from my usual Asian diet of film, Although this one didn’t quite measure up, I did manage to find a copy of the original… minus subtitles (although I’ll be able to fix that easily enough with a set of good fansubs I located). Hopefully it’ll be as nice and gloriously Gothic as it’s rumored to be. I can only hope…..

      “Evil Aliens”…. I sort of remember that one. I think I have the UK Region 2 release for it somewhere in my massive DVD pile, if it’s the one I’m thinking of. It was weird, but fun if my memory serves me right.

  2. Miss Nekoneko! I made it to your site! 😀
    Too bad about “Hasta El Viento Tiene Miedo,” I was hoping it’d be a good way for me to start off with some NEW Mexican horror movies. Oh well. The Mexican ones I usually watch are old stuff like the DR SATAN movies, the Santo versus zombies/demons/devils/whathaveyou monsters movies, etc. LOL.

    • Welcome Jack J! So glad you could stop by for a visit!

      I just got my mail today, and inside was the Region1 & 4 DVD for the 1968 version of “Hasta El Viento Tiene Miedo” so if I’ve the time later today I’ll add the fan-subs and give it a look…. Hopefully it’ll be a better experience for me this time out. Keep an eye open… I’ll probably follow up with a review for it soon too.

      Mexican wrestlers verses monsters…. I saw oodles of those old Black & White films as a girl on TV. Boy, they certainly bring back memories. The one I seem to have the most clear memory of was a vampire one…. Black & White… something with some bone filled catacombs and a crazy pipe organ for the master vampire to play. For the life of me though, I can’t remember the title clearly….

  3. Yes, I think you have the right film. Lastech just posted a review on it at JBoD. 🙂 I do hope that you’ll write another review on the 1968 version or update this post.

  4. Dear Miss Nekoneko,

    I need your help! I posted a review of LOS DEMONIOS DEL DESIERTO yesterday and someone wrote to me and said the obvious: “Dude, Mexico isn’t in Asia!” And… no, it isn’t. Duh! With “Backyard Asia” I wanted to create a blog that features worldweird movies (like our old friend herr Müller’s “Weird Asia”) but which would/could include worldweird movies from other *unusual* places than just downtown Asia. When aforementioned confused reader gave me that comment it made me think: “But heeyyy… kitty kat miss Nekoneko does the same!” But now that I look at your page I can see that – actually – you don’t!! Well, you do… but you’re not calling your site an “Asian” site.

    I NEVER ask other people about what they think I should do in regards my blog(s) or (in the old days) about my fanzines cos usually I have a clear idea of what I want and how. But for once (the first time with film writing) I’ll ask someone else (you); Is it too confusing? Does it make the waters too murky? Should I care nought about confused readers and let Mexican biker punk movies be *Asian*?

    Jack J

    • Hehehe!! I run into that sort of question here at the “Litterbox” now and again as well…

      Originally… most of what I watched and reviewed when I first arrived at Delirium Vault years ago was Asian cinema, the result of my having been bitten by the Asian Cinema Bug pretty heavily in college, but as a wee girl, I’d always watched some of the trashiest horror and exploitation films available on late night TV way back when. When I started up the “Litterbox” it naturally sort of followed that I’d have a very heavily Asian influenced feeling to the place but…. as I went about things, all the other odd movies from everywhere else around the world started whispering in my ear, “Watch me, Miyuki!! I’m a weird and goofy movie too… you’ll like me!”

      Darn it if all those films weren’t right….. I do like them too.

      I wouldn’t worry about what people think…. If you need a reason, just tell them you finally went so far East in search of crazy film goodness that you just plain circled the globe and somehow found yourself in Mexico, Hehehe!!

      And…. keep your eyes open, I’ve got a few reviews working for some more crazy classic Mexican films myself in the near future by director Carlos Enrique Taboada. Just keep finding more subtitles….. must be somebody tryin’ to tell me something.

  5. Thanks, fräulein Nekoneko! I gave it some thought and I’ll follow your advise. And, hey, if I can turn some HC fans of weird Asian cinema onto weird Mexican cinema as well then that’s not so bad!! xD. And I’ll certainly keep an eye on your upcoming reviews.

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