5 comments on “"Kaalo" (2010) – Hindi Horror/ Thriller

  1. I came across the trailer and i must say, the style didn’t really do anything for me. After reading your review i might just give it a shot anyway, the monster seems fun enough!

    Btw, i don’t know how familiar you are with movies from Chili, but i recently found two (cool enough looking-) movies and decided to give them a go. First up was The Goatherd which was surprisingly good, really odd style and creepy in it’s own way.. i can’t compare it with anything else.

    Second movie was called Baby Shower and turned out a bit ‘mediocre’ if you ask me, some nice gore effects but overall it’s a bit to slow. Interesting enough though, if you want to see something from an (at least for me) unsuspected part of the world.

    • Pleased to hear from you once more TonyT!!

      I have to admit, I’m only recently expanding a bit into some Spanish language films (Mostly Mexican…. but one Spanish and one Argentinian ,I think….) and with luck a few reviews will be showing up here at the ol’ Litterbox soon. 😉

      I’ve no experience at all with South American cinema… but I’ll be looking up the two you mentioned and who knows? Maybe they’ll be right up this lil’ Catgirl’s alley.

  2. Spanish movies are always worth the trouble, maybe look up the ”Films to Keep You Awake”. I especially liked ”To Let” from ‘Jaume ( [rec]!! ) Balaguero’ 🙂

    • Ahhhh!! Wait a minute….

      I actually do have that film collection…. I’m remembering it because of “To Let” which stars Macarena Gomez from “Sexy Killer”. I bought the Region 2 version direct from Spain, but have yet to watch it…. d’oh!!

      One of the problems of having a huge “To Watch” pile of DVD that just keep building up as new stuff come in……

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