4 comments on “A Catgirl’s Cozy Kitchen… “Roast Chicken with Sambal Oelek”

  1. Like the sound of this one. Will definitely give it a go sometime.

    I’ve got two Asian supermarkets near me and love taking a look in. I never really know what to buy though there’s always vegetables I’ve never seen before and more sauces than I can conceive of.

    This gives me a good purpose to go check them out again though 🙂

    • Asian markets are fun places…. The one near me is run by a sweet old Chinese woman who constantly amazes me with her almost encyclopedic knowledge of all things produce-wise. Try chatting with the people who run yours… most are very friendly folk who love nothing more than a chance to work on their language skills and educate people on the nuances of their wares.

      This particular recipe is a simple one… one of the reasons I shared it… but still looks and tastes amazing for all that simplicity. A great one to impress friends with as a surprise sometime.

  2. Oooh, this one looks yummy. I love spicy food. 🙂 I shouldn’t have any trouble getting the Sambal Oelek. I’ve seen it in the Asian market just down the street. Access to food ingredients is one reason I love living in San Francisco.

    • It was pretty tasty!! I’m glad you like the sound of it!!

      We enjoyed it a lot… and I’m tempted to unleash my Thai peanut sauce recipe on Carolyn next time out…. maybe on chicken wings for a “Movie Nite” snack surprise. We’ve invited Sam and her current “steady guy” to watch movies with Carolyn and I some evening later this week….. I’m thinking she just wants a chance to show him off and get our opinion of him, Hehehehe!!

      So like as not I’ll put some goodies together for us for the occasion and have a new recipe for the Litterbox by Friday.

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