3 comments on “"Bedevilled" (2010) – Korean Drama/ Horror

  1. I actually just watched the movie – just being 2 hours ago lol 😀 and I basically had your thoughts running through my head. The producers and everyone probably wanted the watchers to feel like Bok-nam, and therefore put us(watchers) through her (extremely painful) life for a while, to see how long it would take for the average viewer to crack, as opposed to Bok-nam. Which for me, was easy. The ending brought me to tears indeed, and I couldn’t stop crying for a while. The old man was humurous, though, and I don’t know what purpose he served in the movie. I also want to know who Yeon-hee’s father is… But that’s another story altogether, now aint it! :/

    • Hi there Shirin! Welcome to the “Litterbox”… so glad to here from another of my “Gentle Visitors’.

      Hmmmm? I never really thought about it, but you are right, they never are too clear as to who her daughter’s father really is.

      But I suppose it didn’t matter to the overall plot and would have complicated things had it been included.

  2. stayed up late to finish this movie. thanks to RED channel on cable. I had been enjoying best Asian films ever produced. The lead actress was a far cry from her goody goody drama role in A Thousand Kisses. Man was she scary here!

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