4 comments on “Official Trailer For "A Chinese Ghost Story" Remake Arrives!!

  1. Count me in as super excited too. The original is simply one of my favourite films ever, and I have a good deal of affection for both the sequels. I have big hopes that Liu Yifei can pull off the Joey Wang role with ease, and maybe, just maybe I’ll get to see it in an English cinema one day *sigh*

    • It looks just amazing…. and there’s a 7 minute long clip available now over at Twitch if you are so inclined to check it out.

      All the classic elements that made the first version so great appear to be back, even a reprise of the original theme song by Leslie Cheung. I’m definitely hoping this one makes the big jump to a wider theatrical release here in the US….. It would be great to see it on the big screen. 🙂

    • Having not seen it yet, I can’t say one way or the other, but I will admit that they would have to go quite some distance to improve over Joey Wong’s performance in the original.

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