9 comments on “A Catgirl’s Cozy Kitchen… “Yellow Split Pea Soup with Portuguese Chourico”

  1. That sounds very yummy. Rather than pepper sauce, I would probably put a couple of dried chiles in to add flavor. 🙂 I keep a drawer full of various dried chiles. I’m always cooking with them.

    I will certainly try your recipe when I can. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

    • Ooooh, and it was…. It took us a couple of days to finish it all, even after I took some to work for Sam and the people there, but it was soooo worth it.

      I like the dried pepper substitution, and that ought to work great for you. I’m still in the process of restocking my pantry since I got bitten by the cooking bug again so I’m a bit hit or miss at the moment for the nifty lil’ extras I’m so used to always having available at work. Currently I’m re-doing my spice rack and trying to find a use for some Sangria that I bought a week ago for a “Movie Nite Taco Fest”, Hehehehe!!

  2. I’m selfishly hoping you’ll post more recipes as time goes on, LOL..! There’s something about a healthy soup which few things can even approach. Especially coming in from the cold and/or rain, having a steaming bowl feels like the body is getting a quick charge out of it.
    From the Mighty Boosh, “the soup crimp”:

    • I’m definitely planning on more recipes…. I’ll probably create a new category just for them as well to make finding them easier.

      Soups are definitely fun, and they suit the more intuitive approach to cooking that I have. I’m more the type to start with just the vaguest idea of a recipe and then sort of go at it, a pinch of this, a little of that, some of this too…. until the whole thing just comes together. Doing things that way can be the oddest way to go, but it’s always worked for me.

  3. That’s also the way I like to cook and I find it a bit difficult to describe anything I prepare with any kind of precision: I have a hard time measuring ingredients with any kind of exactitude.

  4. So chouriço and wine from Madeira? Very nice, actually I just don’t know what was the spanish twist. However, if you’re going on a portuguese route again please try codfish (bacalhau).

    • Mmmmm! I love fish, and from what I’ve been able to find out about it, bacalhau sounds like it might be something I’d have fun playing around with.

      Took a quick peek at your Blog, FilmPuff, and it’s nice to meet another film fanatic who alson likes the odd Asian flavored stuff I enjoy. Welcome to the ol’ Litterbox, I’m hoping you like what you see, and I hope you’ll stop by again for another visit soon!

      • I’ll surely will and have in the past but never commented before. Yes, I do I select randomly a paper to see which movie I’m going to watch next and it’s fun. I do love blogs that like odd not so recognized stuff. That’s why I read your ol’ litterbox 😉

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