6 comments on “"The Neighbor Zombie" (이웃집 좀비) (2009) – Korean Horror

  1. I love Zombies, they are by far my favourite of the classic horror film “monsters”. I think it is because they can be used as such a strong metaphor for all kinds of personal and social issues, far more so than Vampires and Werewolves and the like. I have been waiting to see this one for a long while now, but as I am not willing to part with too many Won sight unseen, I have been waiting to see a version less shall we say “legally” 😉 However, it seems subtitles are not forthcoming so, it’ll be a while before I get to comment properly (there are versions online, but the subtitles are a little errm auto-generated).

    Now I have seen a lot of Zombie films, read a fair bit of Zombie literature, and read way to omany Zombie comic books. So much of the stories that you outline are pretty familiar to me. However, the Jang Yoon-jung segment is really fascinating to me, as I don’t think I have come accross the idea of looking at what happens to someone who has been “cured”, and the after effects of it sounds totally fascinating to me.

    • Yep… zombies are really becoming monsters that are part of the entire “world folklore” in a way that only vampires seemed to be for quite some time.

      I love finding a new example of the genre just to see what they become seen through other eyes…. This one is definitely worth a look, and I wouldn’t worry, a reasonably priced HK release should show up for it soon.

      ….. Now if I can only track down a subtitled copy of “Zombi Kampung Pisang”….. Hehehehe!!

  2. Oooohhh! A Video Review… nice. I see that you had about the same experience I did with this one, sorry to hear you had to pick up that expensive Korean import to do it… 😦

    However, if subtitles ever become a problem for one of these in future, let me know, I’m always coming across sources for them for my own use with stubbornly un-subbed discs and I can certainly steer you towards a useful one if you need it.

  3. The thing about Korean DVDs is that they are usually just so darn nice that I don’t mind the extra expense, and with patience, the cost does come down. Whilst the extra features are raely subtitled, at least I know in the main that the quality of the subs I do get is going to be fabulous. Japanese DVDs are just prohibitively expensive (don’t even get me started on the cost of the TV show DVDs), and so often they don’t even have english subs. I usually try and wait for the Hong Kong alternatives (and usually miss the Mainland ones totally – they are usually cheap, but always seem to be done by someone in their bedroom with a duplicator!).

    I’m usually pretty good at finding subs on the whole, there are plenty of fansubbing sites (which often gove better service than proper releases) – but I will bear you in mind next time I am REALLY struggling.

    Currently waiting on some subs for Wu Xia (Takeshi Kaneshiro and Donnie Yen actually acting… it just can’t fail….. can it?). But in this case… the expectation is all part of the thrill of enjoying foreign language film,

  4. Yes… The Fansubs are often actually better than the official ones on occasion. I used Fansubs for the Thai film “Chocolate” when that particular Region 3 DVD came out and later picked up the Region 1 disc from Magnet and discovered that the Fansubs captured the overall “feeling” of the dialog so much better than the “official” subs. That happens a lot.

    Right now I’m looking hard to find some English subs for the Israeli film “Kalevet” aka “Rabid”. The film itself has been shown just about everywhere with them, but the DVD is surprisingly absent of them. Something I didn’t find out till I already ordered it mind you… d’oh!! I’ll find them alright…. I’m persistent like that, but it might take a while….

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