4 comments on “"White House" (2010) – Philippine Ghost/ Horror

  1. I skipped over much of this as I have heard of it and am going to try and get it, not that spoilers really affect this sort of film much, but I will check it out soon (I hope) then see what your full opinion was. Looking for on some of my sites now even.

    Lot of the non-Japanese, Hong Kong and South Korean cinema has been improving over the last decade or so, and I pay more attention to Thai cinema than I used to. Used to be just for a night of campy film viewing but much of it is more entertaining than some retreaded stuff coming out of Japan, even though the production quality of Japanese cinema still tends to be better. Mainland China still has no clue what to do, still trying to reproduce Croaching tiger Hidden Dragon to snag another Oscar I guess.

    • Philippine horror films tend to resemble Indonesian ones most of the time…. at least to my eyes anyway. They both tend to shy away from the more graphic elements you encounter in Thai films, and the most distinguishing elements for me in them tend to be the Catholic religious themes that pop up… so different from the more Islamic themes in Malay and Indonesian films.

      Thai films still steal the cake for being the most over-the-top in the gore department making the HK efforts of the 80’s and 90’s pale by comparison, and their production values are amazing too…. Chinese horror hasn’t really done it for me since “The Matrimony”, which I really liked…… Japanese horror can still score, but you are right in your opinion that they have begun to recycle their earlier successes into far less impressive films.

      For value and consistency, Korean horror and fantasy probably scores the most with me these last few years overall…. but even they appear to be losing interest in innovating newer ideas. (But… there are a couple I’ve seen recently that were very good…. and I’ll be reviewing them soon… Hehehehe!!)

  2. this movie is very disappointing. Very similar to a Thai Movie called “Ghost Game”. its as if the writer watched the thai movie first and then decided to change a few details. It’s ok to be inluenced by other countries but this one is very obvious. tsk tsk. Actually there are other pinoy horror movies that are obviously based on other Asian movies. Hopefully one day, Pinoys will come up with an original movie, not based on any other movies from hollywood or asian movies.

  3. Hi there Zoryel!! It’s nice to have someone from the Philippines drop by the ol’ Litterbox for a visit.

    I saw that Thai movie… and yeah, the whole “reality show” bit does give them a similar feel, but I liked this one a bit better than the Thai effort. There was just too much “Killing Fields” stuff in the Thai movie for me to like it all that much.

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