8 comments on “"Monsters" (2010) – American Scifi/ Horror

  1. The trailer does look good… But then, I suspect “monsters” would compare unfavorably to “district 9”, even if “monsters” was better than it is.
    Perhaps it’s a case of bad marketing, but I’ll pass. This one sounds like a bummer.

  2. For a very different perspective you can read my review here. I actually really liked it. It was a breath of fresh-air to see a proper drama with sci-fi elements and the lack of bombast actually made the whole thing feel more real than any other recent monster flick that comes to mind.

    If you’re expecting lots of gore and excitement you’re certainly going to be disappointed but otherwise I thought it was still a very good film.


  3. Yea I was dissappointed and did not want to see a drama/relationship film without monsters and action. I can watch a Woody Allen film for that. It was well made and well acted, but the Monsters title is a simple bait and switch tactic as far as I am concerned. And the problem with the relationship issue is it is only these two people really. There are no other actual characters in the film snd the two actors try hard but they cannot sustain the story from start to finish.

    And what was up with the two squids making out over the gas station at the end. I at least thought there would be some action at the very end but nothing even then.

    I don’t want to be duped.

    As far as reviews go here in China they have the 5 jiao (or .50 cent) commenters who are paid five Chinese jiao (half a RMB) to write glwoing reviews of the CCP all over the various Internet forums and chatrooms here. I think some of these films do the same and either pay people or give favors to them to write smoking hot reviews of their lame films. I have been hoodwinked too many times by shining reviews and I am getting noe the wiser in my middle years to the tricks of con artists and filmmakers.


  4. Well…. I do agree that this one is a well made film from a strictly technical standpoint…. The people involved understand the way to write dialog… film scenes that are both coherent as well as technically well set, lit, and framed…. select actors that can carry their roles well…. even know what works in both special as well as practical effects.

    But….. that’s about it. I might have been more generous with my rating if I hadn’t felt…. well, to say it honestly…. just plain cheated. Maybe some people will like this one….. but I’m guessing they also liked “My Dinner With Andre” more than they did “Godzilla Vs. The Smog Monster”.

    …… and we all know which of these two films this lil’ Catgirl would pay to see….. Hehehehe!!

  5. Jeesh, now my Yahoo mail won’t let me send messages. Potential spam threat it says. Great. Anyway, I tried to mail you this but, like I said, I can’t mail from my Yahoo for the moment. It is about the email you sent yesterday. Thanks



    yea, sadly I am aware of this am on it the best I can be. the site is actually clean now. My tech support found the problem fast and got rid of it. Some script was put in the header of my blog. I ahve had some problems lately with unwanted .htaccess files being put in my FTP as well. That seems to have gotten better and then I got that ghastly warning yesterday.

    it may take time it seems before Google unlist my site but my tech guy has contacted them. The site should show up okay in most browsers and even Mozilla -which I prefer use- as long as the Block Attack Sites option is off, which I don;t like to do. My traffic is lower today than normal.

    Hate this kind of stuff actually. But my understanding th site is clean and safe now and the warning will only appear in Mozilla (maybe only 3.6.1?) with certain settings enabled. Still sucks.

    Thanks for the notice though and lets hope this is sorted out soon. I try to be safe but stuff still gets through. crap 😦


    • No problem Bill, just glad I could be of help. Thankfully we have a wonderful host and tech support person here at DV and I often times forget how easy it can be for hackers to mess with things.

      Google lists you as good but…..Unfortunately you still don’t appear to be completely clean… 😦

      Now I’m getting some sort of screwy binary file download warning from your page on a visit….. Some sort of re-director or something for “h**p://continued1.airduct-ventcleaning-mn.c*m”… better take another look at things. 😦

  6. Ah well, can’t agree with you all the time :P. One of the best movies 2010 had to offer. Certainly one of the best looking and sounding (little) projects but with all the wrong (well, not financially speaking) advertising. I’d say it’s a very interesting take on the apocalyptic/monster stuff we’ve been seeing quite a lot lately. It brings a special ‘human’ touch to it, a really pure movie, for that matter. I was instantly hooked, but can also imagine that other people feel cheated or plain bored.

    • I suppose the thing that I found most annoying wasn’t the film itself, but the way it was marketed here in the US….. giving you a very different impression of what sort of movie experience you were going to get at the theater.

      I’m just feeling that if you want to call something “The best Monster movie ever”, then it ought to primarily be about those monsters first and foremost….. Here that most definitely wasn’t the case. Still…. different people, different tastes…..

      Psssst!! Don’t worry…. Neko won’t hold you liking this one against you, Tony!! 🙂

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