5 comments on “Primal (2010) – Australian Horror

  1. We saw the trailer in the coming attractions of some DVD a little while ago. At least based on the trailer (yeah, I know…) it looks fairly well made, for a low budget effort.
    Based on the above I’ll certainly keep it in the queue: “Cthulu” and “annoying ass getting more annoying”, LOL!

    • It’s a nice lil’ horror effort… not pretentious or full of itself, just a fun bit of “popcorn munchin'” for a creepy “Movie Nite”. Lots of times that’s exactly what I’m looking for in a simple easy to watch movie.

      As long as you like horror films, you’ll probably find this one a tasty lil’ snack.

    • Glad I could help! I just love it when somebody maybe finds a new movie thanks to something I do here at the ol’ Litterbox….

      Makes the whole effort worth it some days. 🙂

  2. Watched it last night, and I would recommend it. Crisp cinematography, good pacing and competent acting. The acting deserves mention: it was fairly convincing and the guy playing Dace didn’t overdo the a-hole bit. I can think of a number of American actors in the genre who have annoying affectations picked up from TV.
    The gore was good and nasty and some scenes even had a ‘eeew’ factor of 9 (perhaps I’m generous but I love a movie in which a protagonist drops a rock onto a creature’s head, and we actually have a cartoonish sound effect: ‘whoooosh..! Splat!!!’)
    All in all, better than I expected and it’s still playful in places…

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