4 comments on “"Higanjima: Escape from Vampire Island" (2010) – Japanese Horror/ Action

  1. Well, that one looks interesting. I’ll probably get irritated by the love angle, but I can live with it. LOL We will have to look into that one.

    Lastech just started a new job and it should allow him to comment more here and contribute to our blog. Hopefully, we’ll get a bit busier with it. 🙂

    • The love story isn’t too bad… (just very, very anime styled and predictable…). I just wish it hadn’t been left hanging at the end.

      I imagine this one will reach Region 1 fairly soon, so expect it to pop up at your local store in short order… probably by this spring for certain.

  2. I actually tried to get this from Av###Z Asian Torrents but that tracker does not like me anymore and I cannot donwload from there. They probably have banned my version of uTorrent as it is too old (but it works better than the newer versions for me). I am still going to try and get it, especially after this. Like you said, does not look like a classic but I can kill 90 minutes with something like this.

  3. It’s most definitely worth a look if you like the more fantasy/ anime inspired Japanese efforts coming out of there these days.

    I should imagine the HK DVD should be out there in your area son…. give it a try!

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