3 comments on “"Hisss" (2010) – Hindi Snake Woman Horror

  1. I almost got this here at a local DVD store in China but backed off at the alst moment. After reading this I may go back and see if it is still there. Problem here can be English subs. Since it is China they only worry about the Chinese subs most of the time on these pirated DVDs, or you can wait a while until a better pirated version comes out. But I am liking the way this looks! Thanks

    • Hope you like it better than I did…. It wasn’t the worst Hindi Horror film I’ve come across, but I had such high hopes for it and didn’t really see them come through.

  2. actually, the (pirate) Chinese DVD has perfect English subs and it’s a proper version. Also, the prosthetic FX are done by the legendary Robert Kurtzman (the K in the KNB fx group). But indeed the film is just a bit better than your average indian or south-east asian snake horror movie and nothing really special…

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