3 comments on “"Deserted House" (폐가) (2010) – Korean Ghost / Horror

  1. Hey Nekoneko – nice site!! I was awfully disappointed with this one. It is frightenly boring for 55 minutes, at which point you might fall asleep before the fun actually starts. It offers nothing new to any genre, and fails to come across as Korean let alone asian.

    • Hello elpeevio!

      Nice to have another Asian film fan drop by the ol’ Litterbox. Yeah… I know what you mean about this one. It was definitely not one of the better horror offering to come out of Korea lately, but then this last summer’s crop was pretty disappointing overall. I’ve got “Bedeviled” on order, so hopefully that one will be an improvement over this rather anemic try.

  2. Nekoneko

    Thanks for making the litterbox so welcome. Only serves to make be more disappointed in my own little attempt though 😉

    Yes I know what you mean. Korea has shown a lot of promise over the past few years, yet recently I have been really unimpressed. I recently tried “Missing” as an attempt on a slasher film, and again, despite it having lots of positives (mostly in production values) it again fell well short of my expectations. “Bedevilled” is on my ‘to-watch’ list – seen some rather mixed reviews, but I do try and watch such things on their merits. Director Jang Cheol-so is I think a part of Kim Ki-duk’s team, so at the very least I am hoping for some decent visuals.

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