6 comments on “New Years Kisses and Birthday Wishes….

  1. Well happy birthday to you! You absolutely have to post a picture of your new baby. 🙂 If it’s any consolation, I can totally understand the birthday thing. Mine is on Dec. 30th, so I always got a tad lost in the shuffle too. Lastech still got me a card though.

  2. Ooooh!! Not to worry, I’ll put up a pic or two as soon as I can borrow a camera (and as soon as Ting-Ting lets me sneak up on her long enough to get a decent shot….Hehehe!!)

  3. Great! I love her name. I also understand the need to sneak up on her. I have problems with Tito, the paranoid furball. If I look at him the wrong way, he jets off and hides. Kitsy is a total ham for the camera, on the other hand.

    • As always, Marcel, your thoughts are greatly appreciated by this lil’ catgirl. 🙂

      Ting-ting has turned out to be quite the teeny lil’ terror tearing around the apartment with that spastic unbridled energy only kittens seem to have. It’s a nice thing for certain to have that in our lives again…..

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