7 comments on “"The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec" (2010) – French Fantasy

  1. Happy New Year to the litter 🙂

    I haven’t watched a Besson film since The Fifth Element. My position has been confirmed by the horrible films he’s often attached to as producer.

    Of course if this is good I may have to go back and actually check out Angel-A and the Arthur films 🙂

    • A very happy New Year to you as well!!

      This one is a good film, but it’s not the rollicking adventure film a lot of the early buzz made one think this would be. Instead, it’s a quaint little period fantasy with more than a little comedy thrown in for good measure. Not a bad thing for a change, but I’m thinking it’ll disappoint many of those who seek it out under the impression it’ll be more…. “action-y” than it really is.

      Still…. I liked it, and it would probably be worth a look if you liked the oddity of “Fifth Element” which was another truly weird little slice of storytelling.

  2. “An old pterodactyl in the Paris Museum of Natural History that does what all resurrected dinosaurs do”…

    You are sooooo lovely 🙂

    • I’d forgotten you got to see this one in the theater…. You lucky boy!!

      I’m not surprised Louise didn’t resemble her cartoon counterpart… seems that’s always the way it goes when the translation from print to film occurs. That actually works in some cases…. I’ve always liked Margaret Rutherford as Miss Marple in those old movies even if physically she’s the total opposite from Agatha Cristie’s descriptions of her. Just goes to show how sometimes an actor can just so personify the spirit of a role…..

      I’m thinking that a Frontpage at DV might just be the thing for this… highlighting both our reviews sound like a great idea.

  3. I adore this film, witty, tongue in cheek, joyously silly and gloriously reminiscent of saturday matinees.
    This is the ‘tone’ that ham fisted abortion ‘the adventures of Tintin” should of adopted.

    • Welcome to my lil’ Litterbox, Aqua… always nice to hear from another one of my Gentle Visitors!

      This one is a wonderfully fantastic lil’ film…. but truthfully I can’t really compare it to “Tintin” as I’ve not actually seen that one yet…. although my friend from work, Samantha, says she really liked that one when she saw it at the theater.

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