4 comments on “♫"Neko’s Dreamin’ of a White Christmas…♫

  1. The balancing act of tension, regression, and family fun that is Christmas.

    It almost always works out in the end, but I’d really enjoy it much more if it didn’t have half the build-up 🙂

  2. Actually, I’m really lookin’ forward to this, if my goofy schedule let us have the time to go.

    Sandra is a really great “sister-in-law” (at least she feels like that to me…)…. and she’s a lot like Carolyn in most ways, so it wasn’t difficult for us to hit it off and become friends. It’s nice too, to have somewhere where Carolyn and I can just relax and be ourselves for a celebration like this.

    Can’t wait to share the Holiday cheer with them all….

  3. Most excellent blog! I have a WordPress based blog that covers similar themes and a Blogger blog too. I added your link to my blogroll as I love this site. You do not have to return the favor but if you want to my site is:


    I send your address to some cult movie buddies of mine and they like it as well. Good stuff!


    • Hi there Bill! So pleased to have another film fan drop by the ol’ Litterbox for a visit.

      I took a look at your Blog, and….. Wow!! It seems we do share a lot in common in our film tastes! I’m happy you found my humble efforts worth a link, and I’m as pleased as punch to extend the same to you!

      So don’t be shy… drop back by and see me again sometime soon!

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