3 comments on “A Catgirl’s Coffee Break…

  1. Ah. The holidays… It’s a bit hard figuring out how it affects us, including those close to us. I think one thing which gets me down is the sense of “rote” I get when I hear the same tunes on the radios, the same old movies on TV, etc. But they say hell is repetition so it probably makes sense.
    The giving is the fun part.
    But if you happen to work one of those jobs which require you to not only work during the holidays, but actually work harder, that tends to take away some of the joy. Oh well…

  2. I hope your holiday was ok. I wish I had read this sooner.

    I’m glad that Carolyn has a good sister who is accepting. No one should have to pretend to be something they are not. It’s good that she has you as well. Pretending is hard on the psyche. My best friend from school had to pretend. My home are was just too dangerous to be gay in. It’s better now, but it’s still rotten. My friend never came out…not even to me. I knew and he knew that I knew, but we never talked about it. After graduation, he got out and stayed out of the area. He came home once to visit. It was the last time I saw him. I lost him to AIDS back in the early 80s.

    • It was a quiet Thanksgiving around the apartment for me this year. Turkey curry with all the trimmings and an evening of movies to watch alone. Not the best of evenings, but far from my worst.

      Carolyn ended up deciding to go to Sandra’s after a bit of waffling about it, and in the end I think she realized it was something she couldn’t really avoid. Although she thought she ready and was all primed to tell her parents about us, in the end it never came up in conversation and she never worked up the nerve to broach the subject herself. Probably a good thing….. I don’t think either of us is ready to go that far yet about being completely “out” as a couple. Still amazes me how much easier it is to be ourselves around total strangers than it is around people we’ve known for years…. I just don’t quite understand why that is.

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