3 comments on “"Doghouse" (2009) – British Zombie/ Mutant/ Horror/ Comedy

    • Actually I rather liked “Severance” back in 2006 which he was in, along with Laura Harris.

      It was one of the reasons I thought I’d like this one….. but sometime we all know how that goes.

  1. I recall I liked this one a bit more than you but I speculate now as to whether the humor may be mre well received by either drunk frat boys or guys (like myself) who went through a bad divorce themselves. I just kept seeing my ex-wife as one those ‘zombirds’! Obviously they were going for some sort of Shawn of the Dead film here and came nowhere close but as a zombie film it was better than ost I see coing out these days which are often people who are all friends with flour on their face being taped on a camcorder. The jokes were often lame and crude and not really funny but I find myself being less choosey these days when it comes to the living dead stuff.

    Good article.

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