4 comments on “"Them!" (1954) – Classic American Scifi/ Horror

  1. Hi, just wanna say that I truly enjoy reading your articles! Like you, I love thrashy and down right weird horror and sci fi movies. I have some of the classics in my collection but lately Ive been on a binge of Indonesian horror to satisfy my appetite. When it comes to these Indonesian horror, I usually read your articles first before I make the decision whether to download them. Thanks for the un-bias, incisive and funny reviews. Keep it up, you have a loyal stalker….I mean reader here 🙂 Now I’ll crawl back into my lair and wait for the long haired Pontianak to keep me company while watching these horrors. Hahahaha.

    ps- Gonna download Them next! Hope its good!

    • Nice to see somebody else likes those goofy Indonesian horror films too…. at times I think I’m one of the few here in my part of the world who finds them such fun. Carolyn absolutely detests most of them…. but she’s a good sport and puts up with my obsession with a cheerful, if somewhat bemused, tolerance.

      And….. If you liked “Them!!”, you’ll just have to drop back sometime and I’m thinking other “Big Bug” movies just might make their way from my DVD player to a review here at the ol’ Litterbox as well.

  2. My fascination with Indonesian horror films is that being a Malay, I can see similarities between Indonesian and Malay supernatural beliefs, though certain names differ (pontianak in malay, kuntilanak in Indonesia) I also think Indonesian films are more superior in terms of production value. The horror films in Malaysia are laughably bad. Dont even get me started. Even “Them” for all its inferior special efx is much much better than Malay horror films.

    • Nice to hear from you again!!

      I wouldn’t say they are all bad…. I rather liked “Chermin”…. probably the niftiest “haunted mirror” story I’ve seen in a while, and I liked “Santau” as well.

      Indonesian films have come a long way in terms of production values…. and look very polished and professional as a result of that, but their horror films do seem at times to be somewhat stuck in a rut plot wise, spinning the same story over and over again. Every once in a while though, they knock one out of the park and really wow me. That’s the fun part of exploring these crazy films.

      I’ve been lucky lately, and a few more have tricked into my mailbox, so if the “Movie Fairies” are kind, I’ll be able to do a review for “Taring” and “Pulau Hantu 2” soon….. Ohhh!! And another Malay one as well…. “Mantra”, which I’m hoping will be as good as I’ve heard it is.

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