3 comments on “"The Living Dead Girl" aka "La Morte Vivante" (1982) – French Zombie/ Art House

    • I hadn’t seen “Zombie Lake”…. surprising since it has both Nazis and Zombies…. and wasn’t aware Rollin had even made it. From your review it does look like a fairly atrocious bit of cinema… Hehehehe!!

      My general exposure to Rollin was through those naughty nude vampire films he made… and he managed to make those look somewhat respectable in a euro/art-house way… at least to me. Those ones always seemed so much like dreamy, surreal stories one could almost take as modern fairy tales filled with beautiful vampire girls in pastel negligees flitting about the foggy French countryside. I guess at times he also had to make the crap films all working directors have to do to pay the bills.

      Even so… his worst stuff stands head and shoulders above stuff like Joe D’Amato’s 1980 effort “Erotic Nights of the Living Dead” which strives to capture the same feeling as Rollin’s erotic films while simply ending up a sleazy porn film…… (not one of Neko’s favorite films by the way…)

      I already have most of Rollin’s stuff on DVD, and luckily… they’re pretty easy to get here in the US too.

  1. Those new releases over here are from the parent company of Encore (that produced those wonderful 3-disc editions of several Rollin movies – why is it Rollin gets those and some wonderful directors can’t even get a regular release?). Some even contain some of the extras, but even if they don’t, the prints are great.

    Yes, Erotic Nights of the Living Dead is truly a masterpiece. Actually, I can’t name D’Amato movie I liked. Never saw what was so special about Buio Omega.

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