5 comments on “"Survival of the Dead" (2010) – American Zombie Horror

  1. Hmm sounds better than Diary at least. I kind of always liked Romero’s metaphor business it’s core to what made Night, Dawn, and Day more than standard nonsense. Thinking back though it was always kept as a subtext and was never preachy.

    He started to give people more speeches in Day and it went downhill from there. I think these older film makers end up getting such a clear idea in their head of “what they do” that they forget that people liked them before they came to any such realisation and that’s probably at the core of what made them interesting.

    • Yes I think that’s very accurate.

      Most of the films I like are usually from early in a director or creator’s career, with a definite drop in relevance as they continue to make films. A shame really, but sometime even the best fall victim to believing the hype that sometimes follows a successful film.

  2. This was on my list as well, but two things kept me from reviewing it:

    1) That ex-reviewers (or at best reviewers on hiatus) can’t do reviews.
    2) That I didn’t want to write a lot of words on this.

    Nevertheless, my thoughts: it seemed like Romero cared more about the special effects than on the story. I liked that he used characters from Diary to build further upon the story, but the story didn’t seem to go anywhere.
    It also falls flat on its ass: the usual combination of social criticism and horror that were happening in Romero’s older Dead movies (the first three – and Diary by the way) is present, but never do the two meet. Basically this is more a social commentary than a horror movie, but it doesn’t seem willing to tell a story. One reviewer on the IMDb saw it as a commentary on the catholic church. Noone seems to have spotted that and I don’t know if it’s true. But it’s neither fish nor flesh and zombie don’t eat tofu.


    P.S. @ deeopey: No, Diary was actually better. This seems better until you watch it. And this preaches a lot more than Diary.

    • Mostly the one thing that irritates the back of my mind with this one is the idea that the zombies wont eat anything else other than people and things will be all better when they can be convinced to eat something… anything… else.

      Unfortunately this flies in the face of scenes from “Night of the Living Dead” itself if you remember the scene where the hungry zombies are eating small vermin and bugs they find outside the house while trying to get at Ben and the rest of the human survivors inside. What happened? Did they just suddenly forget how to do that?

      Didn’t see the Catholic references myself either… but then I can be pretty thick about Religious stuff….

  3. “definite drop in relevance as they continue to make films. A shame really, but sometime even the best fall victim to believing the hype that sometimes follows a successful film.”

    I agree, and I wanted to like this film but in the end it really is just a mess. I think there have been much more interesting offerings, dare I say “fresh” when we’re talking about zombies(?) from pretty much all over the world in recent years. “Survival of the dead” is like week old meatloaf at some cheap downtown diner, smothered in ketchup.

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