4 comments on “"Highschool of the Dead" Eps. 1&2 (2010) – Japanese Anime TV Series

  1. Thanks for doing this review… had never heard of Highschool of The Dead. Scored a subbed Malay version of this on ebay. My son and I are watching it right now. Good, gory fun! 🙂

    • I’ve seen that version from Lambien Filmen!! Considered getting a copy myself, but I keep figuring Sentai filmworks will release a Region 1 version sooner or later.

      One thing I’ve wondered though, is if the Malay version was censored or not…. the US version shown on pay TV is the censored version, not the original Japanese TV version. I’m hoping Sentai will dispense with that silliness when they do finally put their DVD out but one never knows……

  2. The back panel states that it’s the Japanese Version. It doesn’t say Uncensored. Might do some googling, compare the run-times.

    • Hmmm? I’ll just do that…. a little internet research never scares this lil’ lady!

      I’ve watched a few more episodes since my initial review, so expect another update on this one pretty soon! I’ll be expecting your views on it as well once you’ve given it a watch! Till then!

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