4 comments on “"The Horde" (2010) – French Zombie Action/ Horror

  1. I’ll be sure to pick this up then. Zombies seem to have lost their edge recently perhaps a bit of French tender care can add something interesting.

    And I’m pretty sure that cover is a homage to the Left 4 Dead games. Not necessarily a bad starting point.

  2. I’m looking forward to this one as well. At the other “extreme” so to speak, I also enjoyed “they came back”, another French zombie movie but without the cannibalism, or violence for that matter. Instead, the government tried to figure out ways to insert the zombies back into society with retraining programs, all the while trying to find out how the dead came back. Pretty creepy at times.

  3. Finally got to watch it, ans this was pretty good, particularly for a French flick: they haven’t always been ‘up’ to the pacing and action… The action in some scenes is brutal and intense, as it should be. As to the hand to hand scenes they had me wincing: pummeling a zombie with blood flying would guarantee the one doing the beating getting contaminated. But then there’s a bit of the fairy tale in some Z-movies: the protagonist awakens to a world in which they have taken over (Cieran Murphy in ’28 days’ as Tip Van Winkle) or “The horde” where in the space it takes our team of cops to make it to the Makudis’ floor the world’s gone to hell.
    In the blink of an eye.

    • Every now and again the French can really surprise you…. I’m always up for a good zombie film…. (or even a bad one, hehehehe!!) and soon I’ll have “The Neighbor Zombie” out of Korea to give a look at. Hopefully it’ll be another winner!

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