3 comments on “Not Even My Hairdresser Knows For Sure……

    • Ah, Marcel, don’t worry… all of you here at DV still have a special place in my heart too.

      I’m just hoping all of you can forgive the sometimes goofy ramblings I leave here at the Litterbox about me and Carolyn… There are just times I have to write it all down just to keep it from making me crazy being the only person who knows it all. I don’t really have anybody else to unload it all on…. except Samantha, my friend at the Restaurant…. and some of it is just too personal to say face to face even to her.

      There are times when the Litterbox is definitely my “secret place” to retreat to when things get strange. (Even if it’s open to the whole Internet…. Weird , Huh?)

  1. …hehe! yeah, weird…

    Nothing to forgive princess, on the contrary: I appreciate your to share your heart.
    That helps feeling you closer 🙂

    One of my best experiences has been when I realized that I didn’t \have to be\ anything.
    You neither.

    Enjoy and honour life with that joy whatever the characters and situations.

    And if one day you need that friend, you know my e-mail.


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