9 comments on “"Machete" (2010) – Mexploitation/ Action

  1. You may well enjoy Peter Jackson’s “Dead Alive” from 1992. I believe it still holds the record for bloodiest movie ever. A bite from a Sumatran rat monkey transforms humans into the undead, and the carnage is outrageous..!

    • “Dead Alive”!! OMG!!I remember that one!

      It’s the one where our hero chews up all those zombies at the end with a lawn mower he rigs up with some sort of chest harness and sets a new record for gratuitous gore in a single zombie encounter.

      Hmmmmm? I’m thinking this one might just be one I lave the DVD squirreled away in my storage…. if so, it just screams for me to watch it again and do a nostalgic review for my “Lil’ Kitten Classics”!!

  2. It’s not quite made it to the UK yet but I’ll definitely be checking this one out. Looks like the perfect relief to a dull week, oh well I’ll just have to raid my library for something else this weekend 🙂

  3. Was watching this last night. Fell asleep at 50%. Will continue some other time. Not on my priority list for now. 😛

    I think you should not watch this movie alone at home in front of a 24″ computer screen. You should enjoy it with friends at the only friend you have that is still single (or single again) and has the apartment to himself.

    • Bonsai, nice to see ya stop by….
      Hmmmm?….. “Machete”…..It’s definitely the type of film that has appeal only to a limited fanatic group of lunatics like lil’ ol’ me….

      But…… Since I don’t really have any other vices in my life, I suppose a particular obsession for bad movies like these will have to do, Hehehehe!!!

  4. Finally caught this last night and yeah your review is fairly on the nose. Good simple fun. Lots of silly gore, pretty ladies, ridiculous posturing, and proper evil corrupt bad guys to get their just desserts.

    If I have a criticism though, it does have quite a lot of downtime. There were occasional moments where I was willing them to get on with it and some well placed footage trimming would’ve made it a much tighter more solid film.

    • Yep, I have to agree with you on that one….

      Part of the problem was in the way they had to somehow flesh out the bare bones of the original Trailer footage into a proper full length film. It forced them to add a lot of “filler” material to knit it all together…. Even so, the result does look a bit hodgepodge at times. Luckily that actually makes the film look more like a real 70’s exploitation film, complete with bad editing and print damage.

      Still… a nice film, and worth a look for bad cinema junkies everywhere.

  5. Yeah I think people would’ve made allowances if they’d chopped stuff in the trailer from the final movie. Still happens that stuff in the trailer doesn’t make the final film often enough these days to get away with it. See the Rodriguez produced Predators which teases 50 targeting beams shining on Adrien Brody but never actually happens in the film.

    • I saw that Trailer…

      I’m wondering if that was footage that ultimately got left out in editing. Might be worth checking out the DVD for “Deleted Scenes”.

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