9 comments on “"Takut: Faces Of Fear" (2009) – Indonesian Horror

  1. This was one of our hits at last years Indonesian Film Festival in Melbourne.
    Personally I loved all the segments except the zombie story, which was competent but rather unimaginative and routine.
    We also screened Rumah Dara.
    Please check out our festival website, or read the reviews and comments in our forum : asiafinest.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=223349

  2. Hi Ralf!!

    I can definitely say the individual segments were all very well done, and way above my usual experience with Indonesian film fare. Like I say, the only quibble I have is that they all seemed so… rushed… as if they would have been truly special with a bit more time to expand and tell their tales at a more leisurely rate.

    I’ll have to stop by and check out your reviews…. it’s always nice to get another view on these things.

  3. Takut may very well be the best introduction into Indonesian horror. I immediatly recommended it to some people i know and they agreed. I’d say it’s a must, especialy for ‘Dara’… i loved Macabre, so it was more than just interesting to see where it all started.

    • Takut is certainly the most “commercial’ of the films out of Indonesia these days….. but if you want some truly weird and wonderful ones, you should take a look at the films of Joko Anwar…. I review two of his here at the Litterbox… “Kala” and “Pintu Terlarang” aka “The Forbidden Door”. Both are just excellent, give them a try.

  4. I’ve already seen ”The Forbidden Door” (which was really good). I will definitely give Kala a watch, thanks ^^

  5. I really enjoyed “Takut”. But I am upset about the fact that I can’t buy it from anywhere. I would love to own these horror films on DVDs.
    😦 It is quite disappointing that you can’t buy Indonesian DVDs/VCDs (or even Music cds) if you live outside of Indonesia. I’d be thankful if someone can recommend a good Indonesian DVD Shopping website…
    I really enjoyed “The Forbidden Door” too…

    • Yes… I’ve been very vexed as of late trying to find a new source for Indonesian films now that both esindo here in the US and MovieExclusive in Singapore appear to have closed up for good. Both were excellent places to find such films.

      Once in a grand while you can still get some from eBay but not as often as I’d like, but rarely newer ones and the shipping from individual sellers there can be brutal. But…. shy of taking a trip to Indonesia itself… I’m hoping someone here will fill in the gap and start importing them again so I can enjoy some more goofy Indonesian horror.

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