8 comments on “R.I.P. Goober (2001-2010)

  1. I repost here what I said before in other thread:

    Goober was a part of you, sure he’s now chasing lil’ mice in cat-heaven until coming back.
    He probably is just waiting for the opportunity.
    He knew quite well how much you loved him.
    He will return to you.

    He is free and taking shape.

    Be watchful 😉

  2. Reading about your Goober today gave me pause, and I had to share it with my wife. We had a Burmese whom we finally lost to lymphoma last October. We had nicknamed him the Boober. Before losing him, we adopted Tito, who was originally nicknamed by the SPCA clerk the Goober. We’d taken that as a sign.

    See, one thing is that when we visited my wife’s folks in 2004, we had a friend stay at our apartment and watch over the Boober. Well, when we got to our destination, 750 miles and over 10 hours later, our friend’s daughter called us to say the cat had escaped when she went to see her father and he opened the door.

    I started getting ready to head back home, figuring we’d lost him for good. He was an indoor cat and way too friendly to survive outdoors.
    Thankfully my friend called to let us know the cat had only “tried” to make for the door. Hi daughter is mentally disabled and cannot communicate clearly, hence the confusion. Reading your diary entries about Goober brought back a lot of memories and feelings. The room got “smoky”. Our website, we started with our Boober in mind but haven’t brought ourselves to post about him yet. We’ve been online only about one month.

    If you look at the 7th picture from the top in our gallery, the picture represents the Rainbow Bridge, at the other side of which we’ll meet our furred friends again….


    You will find each other again as well…

  3. Greetings Lastech, nice to have another cat lover drop by the ol’ “Litterbox”!

    Thank you for your story, and your kind words of understanding. It’s nice to know I’m not the only person who can get so emotionally attached to a pet….

    My lil’ Goober got his name from the rather odd way he came into my life. He was originally a feral kitten that lurked around the dumpster at my apartment building, one of a number of kittens in a litter that all got captured one by one until only he was left. It took a package of hot dogs and a lot of patience from the building Super to finally snag his wary little butt. Luckily I just happened to be passing through the parking lot at the time of his capture. He was soooo adorably fierce and scrawny that he won my heart with one look and I just couldn’t let him be taken away to the animal shelter. After talking the Super into letting me have him, (Well…. lots of pleading and begging actually….) it took me a good couple of weeks to tame him to the point where he turned out to be a terrific lil’ companion…. The Super later told me none of the others were so lucky, being too wild to make adoptable pets they had all been put to sleep at the shelter. He told me that “…he sure was one lucky little Goober that I had come by when I did..”

    The name just stuck, and he was Goober from that day forward.

  4. Shucks, I meant to post sooner. My husband, Lastech told you about the loss of our lymphoma kitty, The Boober. We know how you feel. Hang in there. As he said, Lil Goober is waiting for you at the bridge. He also said once that our pets make us better people, but it hurts like hell to lose them. It’s so true.

    • Thanks for your additional condolences… It really is appreciated.

      It’s been very surprising to me just how many people have let me know that they’ve felt a similar loss. Others have suggested finding another lil’ bundle of fluff to lavish with love and attention, but I’m thinking it’ll be quite a while before I’m ready to take on a pet again. It would somehow feel wrong right now….

      Eventually the time will be right, and some little critter will do something so damn insufferably adorable that I won’t be able to resist them, but it’ll be sometime from now I’m certain…..

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