12 comments on “"Susuk" (2008) – Malay Black Magic/ Horror

  1. There’s a 26 episodes drama also call Susuk broadcasted in 2007. The drama itself is better than this but with a whole different story. In the drama, Cinda, who was pregnant, found out that her husband was cheating on her. So, she went to a shaman, Dukun Degawan, to insert susuk in her to make her more alluring and beautiful. Dukun Degawan gave her two ultimatum, do not perform prayer at all while the susuk is still inside her and her unborn child must be given to him. If I’m not mistaken, Cinda and her husband already have a daughter and the scan of the baby also shows it’s a girl. That’s why she agreed. But, it turn out the baby is a much needed son. (Seriously, what is up with Asian man and son anyway?!). What’s scarier about the ritual of susuk is that only the shaman that inserted it can take it out. So, you got as very powerful shaman and a I-will-kill-you-if-you-even-look-at-my-son mother. It’s a battle between Cinda and Dukun Degawan. He’s trying to steal the baby while her trying to prevent it. Dukun Degawan is downright scary.

    • Really? I’ve never seen any Malay TV before on DVD… although this one sounds like one I’d watch. I’ll have to sharpen my senses and see if I can’t locate it somewhere out there. Hopefully it’ll come with English subtitles. (Gotta have those…) 😉

      • Good luck. There’s two season. I only watched the first season. Some said the second season was scarier.

      • I’ve finally located a source for Malay TV on DVD… but it’s a pretty small selection, with no sign of this one. 😦

        But this wee lady is nothing if not totally absorbed in pursuit of the crazy DVD goodies I want, so who knows? Hopefully it won’t take as long as finding “Susuk” the movie…. 😉

    • From what I’ve known from asking around, the shaman set the rules. In Susuk the tv drama, the shaman said; no prayer and the unborn child belongs to him. Some said no eating banana, not to look in the mirror for 44 days, etc. So, maybe in Susuk the movie, the shaman said; become cannibal. Well, I haven’t watch the movie. Not planning to. So, I’m not sure. Sometimes, it baffle me that we (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand) have powerful shamans and not take advantage of it to do good deeds. You know like eliminating all those perverts or pedophile.

      • No eating satay or walk under a certain tree are two things I have heard before.

        Unfortunately, the shamans are mostly not a good people, they make deals with satan…so it’s not surprising that they don’t use it for good deeds.

  2. No eating satay!!! Say it isn’t so!!! I’d soooo hate that particular taboo. 😉

    Most of the Malay and Indonesian movies I’ve seen are kind of ambivalent about the whole Shaman thing… some of them are pretty wicked guys and the Holy Ustaz in the story always opposes them, but some of them are like folk medicine people and are actually helpful. Kind of confusing….

    Here in the West we have a very similar thing with Witches…. there is the old idea that they have consorted with the Devil to gain their powers, but others in some stories are aligned with older Nature deities that predate Christianity and can be evil, but may not be. Makes for some confusion at times.

    Mind you…. the Evil ones always make for creepier, scarier movies…. 😉

    • ‘Bomoh’ are originally healer. They collected herbs and medicinal plants. Some of them even teaches ‘silat’. Imagine Wong Fei Hung but Malaysia/Indonesia version.

      ‘Ustaz’ are people who are well verse in Islam but not all of them are healers. Yes, some of them can do exorcist.

      But, over the years, some evil ‘bomoh’ have tainted the original meaning of the word ‘bomoh’. So, a lot of Malay movies portray ‘bomoh’ as antagonist and ‘ustaz’ as protagonist. In short, nowadays evil ‘bomoh’ are known as ‘bomoh’ or ‘dukun’ while good ‘bomoh’ are known as traditional practitioner.

      A movie “Pontianak vs Orang Minyak”, portray both good and evil ‘bomoh’ and how the good ‘bomoh’ turn evil because he was greedy or in this movie; too ambitious.

      • I have heard the term “bomoh” in a couple of movies, but my understanding of the Malay or Indonesian languages is rudimentary at best… I had thought maybe it was another word just for shaman. Thanks for the full explanation. 🙂

        Often times I have to search Wikipedia for info on some of the folklore stuff when it confuses me and there isn’t always a complete listing.

        Ahhh… and I edited out your video link. Didn’t want to violate WordPress rules by having a direct link to any movie DL’s here at the Litterbox. Let’s just say instead that if you search for that film on YouTube you might get lucky… 😉

    • They can eat satay but not straight for the lidi (the stick). They take it all off and then eat it normally using spoon.

      Yeah there are two kinds of shaman, the good and the bad. The bad is the one that dealt with satan to help other people in the wrong way (like the time I wrote about Tuyul) and the good one doesn’t have anything to do with the satans.

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