9 comments on “Why Me?

    • He could be a fuzzy lil’ pain sometimes…. and always seemed to want to do things just to make me crazy…. but he was my special lil’ doofus and I miss him to pieces. I’m thinking it’ll be quite some time before I find another cat like him.

      Thanks for your warm thoughts…..

  1. Thanks deeopy, it’s just nice to know you guys are thinking of me and it helps to drive to blues away when it seems everything else in my life lately wants to whack this lil’ Catgirl in the worst way.

  2. No worries, things will get better. And as for the DV deadline, I kept a void free for you to fill when you’re ready. Any viewer in 2011 won’t even notice a deadline was missed. 😉

  3. Kurt…. that’s so sweet of you. I was worried I might have made you crazy by just up and disappearing for a week.

    Now that the “Curse of July” is over and a new fresh month is upon us, it’s been pointed out to me that I’m badly in need of some breathing space to calm down and find my Center again. (At least that’s the nice way people around me have of telling me I’m slowly mutating into a real Queen Bitch lately and need to just cool off and relax….. Hehehehe!!)

    Given that…. I’m taking an unheard of 3 days in a row this week (Wed -Fri) to do nothing but hang out at the apartment and relax…. so hopefully I’ll be able to use that time to catch back up on things I’ve let slide lately…..

  4. Things always eventually improve. I don’t know who Carolyn is but she had no business letting your cat out and if it was me I probably would’ve done worse if it were my cherished pet. So Neko don’t let anyone tell you you’re Queen bitch about it.. I like you am swamped with work lately so it does fray at the nerves. Know that you have my sympathy and please keep up the great blog.

  5. Thank you all for your warm comments, and hopefully I’ll be able to move forward again now that I’ve wrestled my mess of a personal life back into some sort of semblance of calm again.

    I’m doing the task of finally answering all my recent comments today and hopefully I’ll even get a review for “Takut” posted by this afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed… (This is usually where the phone rings and tells me I need to drop everything and rush off to work or something…)

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